Planning Your Diner’s Interior Design with Perfectly Placed High-Backed Restaurant Booths

If you frequent restaurants in your locality, we can bet you’ve seen way more establishments with restaurant boots in them. They are, after all, the most preferred seating option for restaurant customers. In fact, if you walk into any restaurant during rush hours, you will have a hard time finding a booth that isn’t occupied.

Restaurant booths are becoming a more and more integral part of restaurants, cafes, and bars today. Placing them in your diner can increase footfalls in your restaurant, boost its sales and help you scale your dining business. Having a high-backed, bold seating booth in your restaurant is an effective way of striking an unforgettable first impression in the eyes of your visitors. If you give these booths a chance, they will end up dominating the theme and style of your restaurant.

However, simply buying and placing restaurant booths isn’t enough, you need to place them strategically in your diner. You must take the overall style, interior space, and layout into consideration when putting booths within your diner.


Using Restaurant Booths Strategically

When undertaking design endeavors, you can utilize restaurant booths to divide your diner’s interior into several small sections. The high-backed nature of such booths can be leveraged to hide areas in your restaurant that you don’t want your customer to pay any attention to. For instance, areas like food preparation spots, lifts, toilets, and wheelchair ramps can be screened using high-backed booths.

Now normally, restaurant booths are always placed against the walls. This leads to more space and privacy for customers. However, there isn’t a strict rule that dictates you to embellish booths in such a manner. You can alternatively opt to place them all over your restaurant for a much more enhanced ambiance. If positioned correctly, it can create enough space for customers and staff to move freely. The colors on the booths can be made to pop out by implementing an ideal lighting design as well.

High-backed restaurant booths can also serve as effective barriers to noise. They are perfect for creating a harmonious experience for some customers in an otherwise noisier setting. High-backed booths are particularly favorable if your diner experiences commotion from larger groups of people dining together. The booths can drown the resulting noise, creating a fathomable dining experience for those who wish to dine in peace.

Restaurant booths can also be used to maximize seating space in your diner. You can accommodate more people in a booth than you can on loose chairs and tables. As they remain affixed in their position, they are also less susceptible to damage due to high traffic.

Buying Top-Quality Restaurant Booths from Restaurant Furniture Plus

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