The Value of a Good Trade Show Booth

There you are, the proud owner of your very own new business. You pretty much have all the nooks and crannies figured out except for that one do or die thing, marketing. So, you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to spread the word about your brand. How do you effectively put your business on the map? Well, it’s time you consider a trade show booth.

trade show booth

What could a trade show booth possibly achieve?

The answer, quite simply, is exposure. The sheer visual impact that a trade show booth can achieve could be immense. Think about it; human beings are highly visual creatures, so what better way to get their attention than to put on an impressive display? A well thought out, and well-executed booth could generate an enormous amount of publicity for your business as well as publicity that’s sure to capture the imagination of potential customers.

The go-to partner in trade show displays

There’s only one partner to turn to for all trade show booth matters; ExpoMarketing. And who exactly are they? ExpoMarketing is an award-winning exhibit house whose specialty is in design and fabrication. With a wealth of experience, 25 years to be exact and has designed well over 3,000 booths, they have a proven track record of delivering quality booths to their clients. They aim to create amazing, custom-made brand experiences to meet their clients’ expectations. With a fantastic team of designers, their creative styles will give your booth a more creative edge to help sell your business.

Through meticulous customization of trade show displays, they offer an experience that aims to generate an accurate display that’s guaranteed to leave an impression on potential customers. They serve a broad base of clients, from larger established companies such as fortune 500 companies to SMEs (small to medium-size enterprises) to smaller start-ups. Their ever-present interaction with their clients creates a rapport that allows the client to feel engaged in the final product’s outcome.

ExpoMarketing’s cutting edge services

ExpoMarketing have a jaw-dropping inventory of trade displays which makes it much simpler for their clients to either rent out or purchase a display booth. Their trade show booths are tailored in such a way as to fit their client’s goals but also remain within a manageable budget. Their inventory includes portable and lightweight displays, inline displays, shipping container displays to double-deck island displays. This impressive inventory offers an entire list of options for clients to choose from. Also, for those customers who may be unsure about buying or renting, ExpoMarketing provides an infographic for guidance towards making the most informed decision. Their expansive customization options give a plethora of booth varieties which affords the client the ability to express the value of the brand to potential customers fully. With excellent on-site supervision, their team offers guidance during trade shows by overseeing the installation of a client’s booth. Such a hands-on approach offers their clients the peace of mind that booth assemblage will be right on cue.

Trade show booths are a great way of creating that first impression. And remember, you only get one shot at creating the perfect first impression. So, don’t wing it. Consult the industry leaders on all matters trade show booths. It’s irrefutable, the value of ExpoMarketing trade show displays is in the value they add to your business.

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