ICEGATE – Guide on What is ICEGATE? & How Does it Work?

ICEGATE is essentially a website that has greater than 8500 users, which is the Software License Agreement, Non-Commercial Use, and Best Practices. This is built for traders and carriers who use the e-filing services provided by this company. It’s also a good tool for custom departments in India looking to track shipments.

ICEGATE – Services and Advantages

ICEGATE is a portal that service providers use to make Electronic Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange, and Data Communication happens. It fulfills the requirements of the Customs department.

This portal has helped a significant number of importers and exporters in India with its multiple capabilities. It also increased the speed of certain business processes that were formerly done manually. The Customs EDI partners with this site are believed to refresh each other’s efforts and aid in accelerating the process.

Electronic filing of documents is becoming more and more popular. The electronic Bill of Entry, Shipping Bill will also be easier to use with its help of it.


This portal also helps with different services like:-

  • Patents are important and need to be registered correctly in order to do so online
  • Verification status of the IE code
  • Customs EDI is an electronic data interchange format for international trade. It helps to track the status of a document so it can be completed with speed and efficiency.
  • Online shipping
  • Refund through IGST
  • Online verification of DEPB/DES/EPCG license
  • Finding data using PAN
  • Redirection to different websites that are related to Customs
  • Offering other round the clock services

Need for registration through ICEGATE

The ICEGATE is the name of the government agency in charge of collecting and verifying customs and paying duties on imported goods. This online portal is a single window for customers to file their bills and documents related to import, export, quarantine, and other customs-related activities.

The registration is essential for –

  • Export
  • Import
  • Consol manifest
  • IGM or Import general manifest
  • EGM or Export general manifest

What are the steps to register for ICEGATE?

The steps for registering are very simple that anyone can do it by themselves. The steps are mentioned below:-

Step 1 – Visit the ICEGATE website –

Step 2 – Look for the registration link on the homepage of the website.

For signing up through the e-commerce website of the Central Board of Excise Customs, a person needs to click on this ‘Simplified Registration’ button

Step 3 – Input and verify for GSTIN, IEC, and also the temporary password which is sent by the portal.

Step 4 – Input all the required details and complete the registration form.

Step 5 – Input the unique given ICEGATE ID and the password.

Step 6 – There will be 2 different types of OTPs would be generated and it will be sent to the person’s registered mobile number and email ID.

Step 7 – The applicant must enter valid OTPs and complete the registration.

Step 8 – Verify all the details entered and select the ‘Finish’ button.

Click the “change something about your profile” link next to their picture. This lets you share your alternative number with them and an auto-generated code.

A unique OTP code would be sent on your email ID after which you have to enter the OTP in order for it to generate new login details. We advise you to enter the correct details or it might lead to rejection.

ICEGATE Registration: Documents required

The applicants are required to submit some of the documents for completing the registration process. This table states the various essential documents required for registration –

ICEGATE Registration: Documents required

There are certain documents that are required by the individuals in order to get it done., This includes: –

  • Aadhaar card
  • Voter ID card
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Authorization Letter
  • Permit or License
  • Authorization to G Card or F Card
  • Order of Commissioner or Authorization Letter

What are the various benefits of using the ICEGATE Portal?

The ICEGATE portal offers the Customs department better networking management and avoids delays for deliveries at the ports. With fewer complaints about the delivery, Customs can find ways to minimize this type of issue and ensure that everything is well-managed.

Some the other benefits of the ICEGATE portal include –

  • The website helps with e-filing import and export declarations
  • This practice allows the importer & exporter to know what the applicable customs duties are.
  • This will provide your clients with the different steps of their document process.
  • This portal can enable you to raise a query, receive prompt replies.

ICEGATE provides useful information on bills to cargo carriers, traders, traces of paper currency, and other individuals in the Customs Department.

This will help such people so that their businesses can be benefited through the use of the portal. With our services, they’ll be able to view an inventory of all types of goods that could be sold via invoice discounting. They’ll also raise the necessary funds for meeting their working capital requirements. One can access funds by using invoices and also get attractive repayment terms.

Other services offered by ICEGATE

ICEGATE offers a number of different services that are aimed to make life easier and more convenient. They provide a single solution for all the services they offer so that you don’t have to google multiple times, making work easier and stress-free.

They are:-

  • Online payment
  • Registration for Intellectual Property Rights or IPR online
  • Tracking of document status using Customs EDI.
  • Verifying online of the DES/DEPB/EPC licenses.
  • The IE code status
  • Using the PAN-based CHA data

What is the Bill of Entry?

Bill of Entry is a document that needs to be submitted to customs using ICEGATE. Customs procedures often require submission of these documents so they can do their job of regulating the movement of goods and services throughout your country.

It is necessary for importing and exporting goods, processing import/export declarations, and dealing with customs regulations.

To claim the same, importers should file a bill of entry on or before the arrival date of the goods into a warehouse. They can do this using both paper and electronic bills.

Final Verdict:

ICEGATE is a unique portal that provides useful information to customs officials in the Customs Department. ICEGATE is an online portal that helps customs officials find the necessary information about bills, cargo carriers, traders, paper currency and other individuals in the Customs Department.

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