Your Guide to CBD Products

CBD dietary supplements have become a trendy option for many over the last few years. Increasingly, people are looking for ways to move away from the more traditional forms of supplements instead of opting for natural alternatives.

CBD supplements have a number of benefits that make them such an excellent option for so many people. CBD supplements are often made using 100% natural ingredients and can also be enjoyed in many different ways, making them much more versatile than many other supplements available.

Before you rush out to your local health food store, it is worth taking a little extra time to learn the basics so that you know what to look out for when purchasing CBD products. We have put together a quick guide designed to help you understand everything you need to know and set you on a positive CBD experience.

CBD Products

What Is CBD?

CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids found within both hemp and cannabis plants and is the prominent cannabinoid associated with the plant’s potential health benefits. When used on a regular basis, CBD is thought to offer a number of both mental and physical benefits.

Some people choose to use CBD on a daily basis, with it forming a crucial part of their dietary supplement routine, while others opt to use CBD as more of a one-time treatment, for example, to manage pain and inflammation.

When CBD enters the body, it works alongside the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids within the endocannabinoid system. Boosting the level of cannabinoids within the body is thought to help the endocannabinoid system work to its full potential and, in turn, improve mental wellbeing and physical health.

Different Types of CBD

When shopping for CBD products, there are a few different types of CBD to be aware of so that you fully understand exactly what you are purchasing.

Full-Spectrum CBD:

One of the most commonly found types of CBD is full spectrum, which contains all of the naturally-occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found within hemp plants. Some brands choose to use full-spectrum CBD in their tinctures as it helps to trigger the entourage effect and, as a result, much more noticeable outcomes.

Provacan is an example of a brand that uses full-spectrum CBD to create all 100% natural oil tinctures.

CBD Isolate:

Another too commonly used type of CBD is known as CBD isolate. Unlike full-spectrum CBD, isolate oils contain pure CBD within all other cannabinoids and terpenes having been removed. Some people prefer CBD isolate as it provides a much purer and predictable experience.

Pure Kana use CBD isolate in a number of their products, including their popular CBD vegan gummies.

Different CBD Products

One of the reasons that CBD is such a popular supplement is because there are a number of different ways that it can be incorporated into your everyday life. Product options range from traditional oil tinctures to sugar-coated gummies, and CBD-infused topicals.

Some of the most popular options:

CBD Oil Tinctures:

CBD oil tinctures offer a great deal of control when it comes to taking CBD and are often considered to be among the most traditional methods. Most CBD oils come in small glass tinctures complete with a built-in dropper, making it easy for you to measure precise oil amounts.

CBD oils can be used entirely on their own, sublingually, or added to foods such as dressings and smoothies. Unflavored oils can be a great option when looking to add CBD oil to your meals and are one of the most natural options available as they can be made from as little as two ingredients.

Flavored oils offer a much more enjoyable and flavor-packed alternative making them ideal for sublingual use. There are many different unique and tasty flavors to choose from, with each CBD brand offering its own range of flavor profiles.

CBD Capsules:

CBD capsules are a super quick and straightforward way to consume CBD in almost any situation thanks to how discreet they are. CBD capsules are often produced using the same rich CBD oil found in tinctures, with the addition of a few extra ingredients to form the capsule coating.

CBD capsules contain a precise dosage of CBD which, while limiting the control you have over your CBD intake, also means that you do not have to worry about inconsistent dosages. CBD capsules are the perfect CBD solution for anyone who lives a busy and active lifestyle.

CBD Edibles:

CBC edibles cover everything from CBD infused gummies to CBD coffee. There is almost no end to the range of CBD edibles that you can find when shopping online.

CBD edibles offer a discreet and fun way to consume CBD while also enjoying a tasty snack.

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