Bree Purganan Bio, Age, Height, Wiki and little known facts

Bree Purganan is a nurse by profession and was born between 1986 to 1991 which means her age might be around 30 to 35 years old. Her birthplace is ilocos Sur. The Philippines. She belongs to the Christian religion and her ethnicity is of mixed Asian descent. Her nationality is Filipino – American. Bree’s Zodiac sign is Virgo. She is currently living in California, United States. Most of her personal details are not mentioned in any of the articles.

Bree Purganan

Bree Purganan Bio, Age, Height, Wiki and little known facts

Career of Bree Purganan

Her real name is Bree Purganan and people call her Bree. She is the celebrity mother of Jalen Green who is an American Basketball player. Her profession is Nurse, homemaker, and also Entrepreneur. She went to high school which is not provided and she got her graduation from a reputed University. Bree belongs to a well-settled family who was all famous for their sports and also as a media person.

Relationships of Bree Purganan

Her dating life or married life is not mentioned in any article whereas it is said that she has been married twice. She has two children, a son named Jalan Green who was born on 9th February. Then she got married to Marcus Green who is an MBA player. Her daughter’s names are also not provided in most of the articles. She has personally disclosed the details.

Hobbies and Interest of Bree Purganan

She loves to watch sports especially when her son is playing. She likes to entertain him a lot and gives him full support as well. She encouraged him mostly and was there for him always. She is basically a mother of a sports person so she likes to have a healthy diet and keeps her body fit. Bree likes to travel and post videos on her social media accounts during her leisure time. Even though she is busy with her business she spends time with her children.

Bree Purganan Net Worth

As of 2021, her estimated net worth is around $1 million USD dollars. She keeps busy being a professional in business and also as a nurse. So, she earns her money in such a way as her business. Also, the videos that she posts get her likes and she has got millions of followers on her social media accounts.

Unknown Facts of Bree Purganan

  • Even though she is busy loves to spend time with her children and make space for them
  • She encourages her son to play well for the sports in basketball
  • She has got complete blog relation to Filipino and made it her ethnicity.
  • She loves pink the most.
  • Bree shares her video and sometimes makes blog videos and posts it on her social media accounts.
  • The important thing to notice on her social media is that she loves to share motivational quotes and messages with her followers.
  • Bree promotes varieties of products on her social media accounts.

Bottom line

The nature of a sports person is to be proud of the work that is made to get the talented person. It was made from which her sons are terribly given to create the background on treating the children in the best way.

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