Healthy Detoxification Diet

Detoxification is often referred to as detox. The act of removal of any kind of toxic substance from our body is termed detoxification. These toxic substances could be alcohol, narcotic drugs, pesticide, or harmful chemicals that enter our bodies due to environmental pollution. The key feature of a healthy detoxification diet is the alteration in eating habits. The organs that are detoxified with the help of healthy detoxification diets are the colon, liver, gut, kidneys, lymphatic system, and skin. For total body detoxification, the diet regime is more stringent and continues for a number of weeks.
Healthy Detoxification Diet

How does a Healthy Detoxification Diet Works?

Foods that are rich in live enzymes and nutrients are good for our bodies. When we eat those foods that do not have these essential contents, our body tends to become acidic and produces mucous. The mucous thus produced forms an obstruction in the intestinal tract. When the intake of poor diet continues for a prolonged time, the layers of mucous become hard and affect our health, adversely. Another important reason for our body becoming acidic is stress. An acidic body is the main cause of a number of diseases. Hence, a healthy detoxification diet helps bring an alkaline effect to the body and strikes the right balance between the acid and the alkaline.

Various Healthy Detoxification Diet

In one healthy detoxification diet, all foods should be eaten in raw form. It consists of fresh fruits and vegetables like green leafy vegetables with high nutritional values, sprouted beans, soaked and sprouted raw nuts. Many people consider it as the best detox diet, as in the raw foods, vitamins and minerals are present in highly concentrated forms. At the same time, the essential enzymes are not destroyed, as the foods are in uncooked form. This diet is good for the detoxification of the gastrointestinal tract as well as the entire body.

Another diet comprises cooked or uncooked fresh vegetables, various types of fresh fruits, and whole grains that are sprouted and cooked. The rich fiber and water content of this diet are effective in colon cleansing. Baked foods, fish, meats, dairy products, alcohol are excluded from this diet. You can be on this diet for a longer period of time and a regular diet can be resumed after some days.

There are other healthy detoxification diets that have been extremely popular for the past several years and are still very popular. They are colon hydrotherapy, lemonade diet, green juice, herb teas, juice fasting, and so on. Drinking a sufficient amount of water proves beneficial for detoxification and it removes all the unwanted substances through the kidneys.

Benefits of Healthy Detoxification Diet

In colon detoxification, all types of toxins that were collected in the cells and tissues are taken out and as a result cures various forms of digestive disorders, constipation, gastric problems, gas, abdominal pain. Not only this, it will also help get relief from problems like headaches, fatigue, and weight gain. Liver detoxification diets bring about improvement in the functioning of the liver.

Extracts of acai berry act as an excellent detoxifying agent. The extracts improve brain functioning, making the heart and the immune system stronger. They also effectively cure hangovers and energize our body. Apart from this, these extracts are a good source of calcium and they supply essential nutrients and vitamins to our body.

A healthy detoxification diet is a remedy for different types of allergies caused by different types of allergens or heavy metals that get into our bodies through various sources. Foods that are rich in fiber, vegetables, citrus fruits, brown rice, whole wheat, dry fruits like walnuts, apricots, extracts of pepper, ginger, fenugreek that are included in such diet, eliminate pollutants allergens, and many other harmful substances from the body.

The routine of the detox diets needs to be followed meticulously. Else, it may adversely affect the organs. For achieving maximum results from healthy detoxification diets, one should strictly stay away from all kinds of sugary foods and foods with preservatives and additives. It is also essential to abstain from alcohol and smoking.

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