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Before using any sinus headache remedy, it is important that you understand the cause of sinus headache. So that, if a certain cause is giving you a sinus headache, the treatment can be started accordingly. This way you can treat the cause directly, to get rid of the sinus headache altogether. And using a good natural sinus headache remedy to reduce the sinus headache will ensure faster and better relief. Sinus headache occur either due to sinus congestion or due to sinus inflammation. Sinus congestion can occur to allergies. While inflammation of sinuses, which is sinusitis occurs due to a viral infection like cold. Sinuses allow the air to circulate throughout the nasal passages, and they become inflamed if they get blocked and can’t drain mucus. This results in the pressure-like feeling of sinus headache.

sinus headache remedy

A person who has a sinus headache will experience deep, throbbing pain in the front region of the face and head. Typical sinus infections symptoms of sinus headache are pressure-like feelings in one specific region of the face or head, for example behind the eyes. The face region becomes tender to touch, and the sinus headache becomes worse during any sudden movements like bending forward. The headache becomes worse in the morning, due to the mucus collected during the night time. Also, the pain becomes worse when a person steps out of a cold room into warm outside weather or vice-versa. These were the sinus headaches symptoms and causes, here is a sinus headache remedy list, that will help to cure the sinus headache.

Sinus Headache Remedy List

1) The first defense against sinus infection is steam. You can use a nasal steamer, or boil water in a pot for sinus infection treatment. Then add few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water, and cover your head with a towel and inhale these medicated vapors. This will clear up the nasal passages and thus, reduce the sinus headache. Do this thrice a day to reduce stress.

2) You can also alternate between using cold and hot compresses to treat sinuses. Place a hot compress across the sinuses for 3 minutes, and then press a cold compress for 30 seconds. Repeat this severe sinus headache remedy, around 3 times and use it 3-4 times a day.

3) You can also take a hot shower twice a day to help the sinuses drain.

4) If you are getting sinus congestion due to allergies, then leaving your windows closed till the allergens pass away is recommended. You might be also be getting a sinus infection due to someone smoking, hence stay away from smokers.

5) To help your sinuses drain, keep your head elevated of your bed, by about six inches.

6) Exercising for around 20 minutes a day, with a brisk walk or a jog will also help.

7) Load yourself with vitamin C. Vitamin C will give you immunity and help to fight any infections.

8) You can also use oral decongestants for sinus infections. There are many cough syrups available over-the-counter that act as a decongestant.

9) If you are having too much pain due to sinus congestion, then consider taking a painkiller. And keep on taking steam, to reduce the sinus inflammation.

10) One of the best sinus headache home remedies is to have warm soups, this will help in getting rid of nasal congestion. You can add a good amount of pepper to your soup. Drinking hot ginger tea will also help.

11) You can use a saline nasal spray available to clear up nasal passages.

12) Placing a humidifier in your room will also help you breathe better, and alleviate the headache.

13) Follow a balanced diet, that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables to increase your resistance to infections.

So, pick a good sinus headache remedy from the above list to get relief from the headache. However, even after a few days of home remedies, if your symptoms become worse or your sinus infection doesn’t get better, then seek medical help.

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