Krill Oil – What are Health benefits of Krill Fish Oil All About

If you are interested in natural health supplements and their benefits, then krill oil is something you would surely have heard about recently. Natural health enthusiasts the world over are raving about this oil and its health benefits. Let’s find out now what really is the truth here.

Krill fish oil is derived from the Krill – a small shrimp like crustacean that is mostly found in the cold Antarctic ocean waters. Rich in Omega 3 fats, it’s now being positioned as a better alternative to traditional fish oil as a way of improving your health through natural means.

Krill Oil

The krill oil supplements available in the market broadly contain three components –

One – Omega 3 fatty acids similar to what you get in fish oil
Two – Phospholipid form of the Omega 3
Three – Astaxanthin, an antioxidant used to keep the oil fresh

As it’s already widely known and accepted, Omega 3 fats can be very beneficial for your health. They improve the performance of your brain, make your heart healthy, improve your skin and joints and even provide protection against cancer. So krill fish oil is, without doubt, a good thing for your health. Its regular intake cannot fail from improving your health, that much is sure.

Concerns lie more in other departments.

Did you know that the krill forms the bottom of the oceanic food chain in the Antarctic region? And since this is a new industry, there are no regulations in place to control the numbers of krill harvested for their oil.

It’s just a matter of time before the greed of big business takes over and the companies start depleting the oceans of their krill. This is sure to impact the many other marine organisms like the baleen whales, which depend on the krill as their food source.

This is not much of a problem with traditional fish oil though, as they are heavily regulated industries and the amount of fish like salmon or tuna used to derive the oil is tightly controlled.

Secondly, although krill oil contains both DHA and EPA Omega 3 fats, their levels are not high enough to provide much benefits. Compared to them, you can easily find better alternatives like Xtend Life fish oil that provide much more value for money in terms of the amount of DHA delivered through the oil.

Compared to a measly 2,700 mgs DHA that a bottle of krill fish oil can give you, Xtend Life’s fish oil contains a whopping 15,000 mgs of DHA. This is a huge difference in numbers which will also translate into the results you get from both the oils.

So whatever your choice may be – krill oil or fish oil, just do some research and choose the best option for your health.

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