Why You Should Get an “Attack on Titan” Survey Corps Shirt

There are not many animation series as popular as Attack on Titan. It is stunning to think about how popular it remains even over a decade. Many people still have fond memories of the plot of the series and especially the crucial role played by the survey corps.

There is even a collaborative web-based platform dedicated to this animation work. This platform enables the creation, storage, and modification of Attack on Titan-related content. You can click here to find out more about how this anime has become so popular globally.

This is just one of the ways people have gone to show how they are huge fans of this evergreen animation series. While you may not be able to go that length as a fan, you can do your bit by getting an Attack on Titan Survey Corps shirt.

Besides doing this in the true spirit of being a huge fan, this shirt will help drive home the lessons from this series. Some of these lessons will be discussed in this article.

Survey Corps Shirt


Life Lessons that an Attack on Titan Survey Corps Shirt Can Help Instill

There is power in affirmation. This is why positive words of affirmation should be a part and parcel of your everyday lifestyle. But there are other ways to drive home positive affirmative words and life lessons besides saying them out.

Wearing a shirt that speaks volumes about these things is a way to go about it. That is what you get by purchasing and wearing an Attack on Titan Survey Corps shirt. Some of the life lessons it can help instill include the following:

There Will Always be Adversaries

Life is full of challenges and adversaries. We all have to deal with challenges every day in one form or the other. It could be in career, finance, academics, health, spiritual, or other ways.

However, we can take solace in the fact that we can choose to come out on top. Being a winner will come with sacrifices, but it is a possibility as noticed in Attack on Titan. We all saw from the animation series how Eren ended up as the brain behind the resistance.

Consistency Breaks Resistance

The “never give up” mindset is one of the greatest qualities that anyone can have. The survey corps in this animation series is a true representation of this. They kept on coming up with ways to overcome the Titans despite the rising casualties and other forms of difficulties.

While winning is a possibility, it would come at a price. The question is whether or not we are willing to pay that price. Getting and wearing an Attack on Titan survey corps shirt can be a constant reminder of why we should never give up in the face of challenges and adversities.

Fighting the Right War

Hard as it is to admit, this beloved animation series also doubles as one of the most controversial animation series. The bone of contention often seems to be its violent nature.

Well, this in itself is a life lesson. It is that war never leaves anyone the same. By this, we do not only mean the impact of war on the losing side but on the winning side as well. There will be casualties, emotional trauma, and more negative realities to deal with.

This does not rule out the need to fight when the need arises. However, the point being made here is the need to fight the right war. By purchasing and wearing the Attack on Titan survey corps shirt, you can come to terms with this lesson as you remember how many lives were lost in the battle with the Titans.

War Can Be the Path to Peace

People are forced to fight when pushed to the wall. Even people with questionable strength will do this. The Titans were unable to completely get through until Wall Maria was breached. This is a perfect example of being pushed to the wall as the humans had their once formidable line of defense brought down.

They had to think of ways to win despite the odds stacked against them. The likes of Eren were driven by their quest for vengeance and war ended up being their path to peace.

It Takes Wisdom to Win

Strength is important for winning, but it is not all that is needed to win. Wisdom is equally important. Strength without wisdom is a disaster waiting to happen. This is one thing that the survey corps teaches fans of Attack on Titans.

This crucial arm of the military was not only about fighting Titans. They were also about studying them to figure out their weaknesses. For example, they discovered the role of Marley and the need to defeat them and the outside world. For more lessons that an Attack on Titan survey corps shirt can help drive home, you can visit: https://www.cbr.com/.


Buying and wearing an Attack on Titan survey corps shirt is a good way to prove that you are a huge fan of this animation series. But beyond that, it would benefit you by helping to drive home some of the life lessons from the series. Some of these life lessons have been discussed here and you should get this shirt for these reasons.

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