Anime – Not Just An Animated Movie!

What do you think about the anime you’ve seen? So much infatuated, right? And I never consider it an animated movie.

I know that anime is not strange to you. It’s even so popular that I don’t need to explain. But do you know its history and distinctive difference from regular cartoons?

Now I will talk briefly about things that readers should clearly understand about anime movies. Besides, I can’t help mentions to the most passionate movie in my heart: One piece.

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But first, what is anime?

What is the term Anime?

To a Japanese viewer, anime is any cartoon, whether Japan produces it or not. In other countries, however, the term anime has meant “animation made in Japan.” They assume that any animated movie that uses signature aspects of Japanese-style, like vibrant colors, and characteristic facial expressions are anime.

Anime contains multitudes, with content for a wide range of viewers, from drama, action, and romance to historical fiction, horror, comedy that match any taste.

Nowadays, anime crossed continents and became popular with worldwide viewers, but do you know how an anime is different from a regular cartoon?

Here are the top 4 typical differences.

The difference between Anime and other Cartoons

Different Terminology

Anime in Japan refers to all animated productions, while English dictionaries define the word “Anime” as Japanese style animation.

On the other hand, Cartoon was initially a humor picture with a caption or a dialogue.

Over centuries, it now is a short film, usually a funny one, using characters and images that are drawn rather than real. It contains simple contents and generally for children.

Different Content

Cartoons are usually intended to induce laughter, and there’s always a happy ending. It includes simple contents and generally for children.

Anime doesn’t follow any general concepts. It has many genres such as Horror, Romance, and Fantasy. Their stories can be about pirate attacks, humorous adventures or tales of samurai.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Anime movies also create a plot that runs throughout the entire series, showing viewers morals and a certain level of complexity. A cartoon can’t do that.

Different Animation Techniques

Anime and cartoons both follow traditional processes of storyboarding, voice acting and character design.

Anime often reuse between frames instead of drawing each frame.

This technique fools your eyes that there are a lot of movements.

However, this way lowers production costs because fewer frames need to be drawn.

Anime scenes emphasis on three-dimensional views. Backgrounds always display the scenes’ atmosphere. For example, anime often focus on changing seasons .we can see in numerous anime.

Different Visual Characteristics

Anime illustrations usually exaggerate as far as physical features. It differentiates from a cartoon by the physical traits of the characters.

Colorful hair, big eyes, small nose and lips, and dramatical talks and activities are the standard features of anime characters.

Cartoons, however, are a little more realistic and carry traces of day-to-day life in them. We can see the striking resemblances to humans various cartoons. But its characters are still caricatures.

Top 5 best anime movies ever

One Piece

One Piece

One-Piece Tube

This series is one of the “longest” anime in the history of current anime by Eiichiro Oda.

The main character of the film is a boy named Monkey D. Luffy, encouraged by the young hero Shanks “Redhead,” sailed to the sea on his journey to find the legendary treasure One Piece and become King Pirate.




Doremon is a famous comic of Fujiko F. Fujio. The animated series which has the same name is equally renowned. Each episode is an exciting adventure of magic cat and his friend Nobita, Xuka, Xeko, Chaien.

This is probably an animated film that imprinted in the childhood of many young children.




Along with Doremon, Pokemon is also an animated movie young boys and girls can’t help. It is about the adventures of young people on the way to conquer the magical faces. Every trip is exciting and enjoyable.



Naruto is a fabulous animated series of Masashi Kishimoto. The comic series ended in chapter 700 but the animated episodes continued to be produced.

The film is about a fantasy world of Ninjas and breathtaking fights. For those who are fans of this anime, you would know how attractive Naruto and his companions are.




Conan is an animated film based on a comic series of Aoyama Gosho. The hidden murderers and clever ways to break down the secrets behind them are the first things this cartoon series brings to the audience.

With so many mysteries endings of every episode, Conan deserves to be the most popular anime.

But in all of those movies, One Piece is my adorable one. And I also believe it’s the universal anime of all time.

You know why?

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Things make up the uniqueness of one piece

One piece was a series created in August 1997. Next year, it came out at the top of the Japanese manga.

Since then, one piece has been a storm on all the charts, from sales, TOC, back issue comics with the vast numbers of fans (all ages from children to over 60 year-olds).

There is an event of the 6-month exhibition to celebrate 15 years of one piece release. It has never happened before in Japanese manga history.

But what makes it the marvelous anime ever?


Only when you read it all the series, you will understand the meaning of the title. It led to curiosity and controversy among all the fans.

Rarely does any series arouse curiosity about the name of the movie for such readers right from the first chapter.

The main character

A pirate is a teenager with a scarred face and a straw hat. It looks like a rice farmer rather than a pirate.

And his capacity is elastic limbs. Sounds silly?

Also, most of One Piece’s characters are unique.

Dreams, ambitions of people

Do you find in any manga that all characters have their dreams and aspirations? In one piece, there is no concept that we will save the world, or we will protect everyone.

We just simply fulfill our dreams, become strong Pirate King and Swordsman, or ringing a golden bell and washing off the whole family’s lie for 400 years.


Since I decided to become the strongest swordsman, I have left my life behind. The one who has the right to say we are crazy is only ourselves!


Zoro can take all the wounds for Luffy.

But in one piece, you can protect your friends, but they have to accomplish their tasks.


Zoro: when I have completed my mission, I will smile and say “I can do it,” it’s his turn now.”

To sum up

I hope that “Anime” concept is now very apparent to you. Also, If you haven’t seen One Piece, I think you’ve missed the most meaningful movie ever. So I highly recommend it to you.

What about the most memorable collection of awesome anime movies that means to you? Please, share it in the comment section below.

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