7 Interesting Facts about Coffee – For Coffee Lovers

Coffee has been loved the world over. There are not too many beverages which inspire the love and devotion that coffee does. In fact, coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Just look on the internet – a Google search of “coffee” generates almost 175,000,000 (yes, that is million!) results. So, what is the big deal? Perhaps some interesting facts will give you some clues:

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 1. America is the biggest Consumer of Coffee


The three biggest coffee drinkers in the world are the Americans, the French and the Germans. They consume nearly 65% of the total world’s consumption of coffee. Worldwide annual coffee consumption is over 400 billion cups and continues to grow. In the United States alone, consume 400 million cups every day, or 35% of the world’s total. The statistics show that 54% of the adult population drinks coffee cups on a daily basis, and another 25% of all Americans drink it once in a while. This means that more than three quarters of American adults drink coffee. Men drink as much, if not more, coffee than women. However, when looking at coffee drinkers only, the average consumption is raised to about 3.1 cups per person per day.

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