Home Remedies for Roaches: Fact vs. Fiction

If you’ve ever had roaches in your home then you’ve probably consulted with friends and family to see what they suggest. Everyone has a potential cure for roaches but not all of them are actually effective.

However, what is true is that roaches are known to carry an array of diseases. In most cases, the bacteria are picked up when the roach walks over decaying food and other unpleasant items. It doesn’t bother the roach. But, if you touch where it has walked you can inadvertently pick up the same bacteria.

That’s why you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Home Remedies for Roaches

Release Of Eggs When Squished

Before we look at the home remedies it is worth noting that the best option is to use the professionals. You can find out more here about your local experts. They can quickly and efficiently eliminate all cockroaches in your vicinity.

One thing that people often say is not to stand on a cockroach as it will release its eggs. This is a myth. The truth is that it’s highly unlikely that they will be carrying eggs and, if they are, they will also be crushed.

You should also note that contrary to popular belief, the cockroach does emit a pheromone when it dies but this is intended to warn other cockroaches to stay away, not invite them closer.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is a natural compound formed over millions of years. It is the fossilised bones of long-dead creatures. The fossils have been crushed by the movement of the earth on the planet and turned into fine dust. It’s harmless to people and pets.

But, the fine dust does contain microscopic sharp particles which will destroy the exoskeleton of a cockroach. In effect, the cockroach will dehydrate and die.

All you have to do is sprinkle the powder across entry points and anywhere else you have seen cockroaches.

Boric Acid

This can be got in liquid or dust form and works in a similar way to diatomaceous earth. It’s easy to apply and safe around pets and children.

You can spray it or leave the powder where the termites are likely to walk. But, the most effective approach with boric acid is to include it in some bait. This allows the termites to take it back to the colony and will kill many more of them.

Coffee Grounds

Some people swear that sprinkling coffee grounds around entry points can kill cockroaches. However, while they dislike the aroma this substance is only effective at deterring them from your premises. It doesn’t actually kill them.

Bay Leaves

This is another popular treatment option that is, in fact, fiction. Bay leaves have a distinctive aroma which is a result of the oil they contain. This oil does have the potential to kill a variety of pests. But, you would need to distill the oil from several leaves and then directly expose the roaches to the oil for it to be effective.

As always, the simplest option is the best, that’s letting the professionals handle it for you.

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