7 Reasons to Choose Russian Hair Extensions Explained by I Love Slavic Hair

Russian hair extensions — are one of the best hair extension materials by price and quality ratio. That’s why such type of hair is in constant demand among hair stylists around the world.

Let’s figure out what makes it so popular and where you can buy authentic Russian hair extensions.

Reasons to Choose Russian Hair Extensions

1. Long hair lifespan

If you take good care of your hair extensions, they can last a few reapplication procedures. While the hair will remain shiny, beautiful, and healthy. If properly treated, they can last you up to 12 months.

2. Naturalness

This is 100% natural human hair, which will look identical to your own. If you want no one to know you have done hair extensions, then that’s exactly what you need!

3. Beautiful moderate shine

Artificial synthetic hair or products covered with silicone look unnatural. Such locks have an intensive mirror glow and will be visually different from the natural locks.

Russian hair is a natural raw material that suits every girl with medium hair thickness!

4. Any extension technique

It will be convenient for both stylists and clients who want to experiment with their hairstyle. By choosing Russian hair extensions, you can do:

  • fusion extensions, when the strands are attached to their natural hair with small keratin bonds;
  • tape-in extensions, when locks are fixed with tapes;
  • hand-tied weft extensions are very thin and tidy handcrafted wefts;
  • machine-tied weft extensions are wefts, that are cross-stitched on special equipment;
  • clip-in extensions, when the strands are attached with hair clips (very convenient for a night out or other event)

5. Good choice of hair structures

Soft on the touch. Perfectly smooth, slightly wavy, or curly – you can easily find exactly what fits your hair!

6. Large palette of shades

Cold blonde, noble brown hair, jet black or ombre – you can easily find the right color!

If you don’t have the right shade, you can dye and tone these strands so that you can achieve 100 percent of the desired result.

7. Premium quality

If you want to get the best quality, make sure to visit the website of the I Love Slavic Hair company iloveslavichair.com.

The brand is a direct supplier of Slavic and Russian hair extensions in North America. All products are disinfected according to European standards and processed manually. Company specialists make sure that the strands are laid in the direction of the hair cuticles and then carefully brush them.

With such hair type you can do any hairstyle: use flatirons or curlers, make a tailor braid. It’s exactly the same as your own hair! It’s one of the best and most sought-after hairs on the market today.

Contact I Love Slavic Hair specialists to get advice on choosing the desired color, structure and length of your Russian hair extensions. They will take into consideration all your wishes and make sure that you have only a positive experience!

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