Top 3 Reasons to Opt for No-Code Platforms for Business App Development

In the past, for building apps, companies used two methods: the first method involves hiring some developers and these developers work on low code platforms or traditional development platforms to create custom apps and the other method was highly resource-intensive.

But then companies started working on no-code platforms. The most important reason that the companies prefer the No-code platform is that this platform provides users a great interface to create a custom app without having coding information and without having any IT skills. In this article, we will learn the main reason people are choosing no-code platforms.

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Low code:

First of all, before moving to the main topic a person must have information about a low-code platform. This platform allows users to create an app without using a line of coding which means this app is providing a great interface to users who don’t have IT skills to create apps. Users don’t have to write any type of coding for creating different types for applications and this is just due to the no-code development platform.


Nowadays no-code platform is famous for creating different types of applications the reason why people are referring to use no-code platform rather than using any other platform are given below:

  • Cost saver:
  • Time saver:
  • Boost up worker’s engagement:

Cost Saver:

The development of a custom software application requires 9th months and costs about $250,00 according to recent research. But Appsheets’ no-code development platform helps companies to reduce the money required in creating custom application software.

This is because a sheet uses underlying data to explain the working of the app rather than building apps from scratch. In short, the no-code platform like APP sheet helps the workers to create the app in days and hence saves the time as well as money of the company.

Time Saver:

The other most important reason for selecting a no-code platform than others is that this platform provides an interface to users to save the time of the company as well as of workers. While creating apps daily, workers have to do the same work again and again and it takes up a lot of time but because of this platform workers have the facility to save time by utilizing different software solutions for doing streamline daily tasks like:

  • Filling out the time cards.
  • Gathering routine reports.
  • Tracking inventory.

Boost up the worker’s engagement:

In many companies, the main reason for the decline is the unhappiness of employees. When the workers are not happy then there will be no development overall. So if a company wants to have development then the company has to make the employees happy. The easy way of boosting up the workers ‘ engagement is by providing them digital skills. In this situation, a no-code development platform proves very helpful in boosting up the workers.

Pros of no coding platform:

Some of the advantages of a no-code development platform are given below:

  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Saves a lot of money.
  • Helps to accelerate operations.
  • Meets the requirements of the market.

Cons of no coding platform:

As we know everything in the world has two sides: The first is the bright side and the other is dark. Similarly, as there are a lot of advantages of no-code development platforms still it has some drawbacks too. Some of the drawbacks of a no-code development platform are:

  • It supports limited flexibility.
  • Security risk.
  • It supports a limited product vision.


In the above article, we have discussed in detail what is no-code development and the reasons for selecting a no-code development platform for business app development. This platform brings a lot of ease for the companies as well as for the employees of the company.

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