How to Care for Your Bulk Greenery?

In the modern world, where a person can order any kind of flowers with delivery, it is difficult to surprise with something. The only solution is to add more fantasy and originality to your bouquets and flower arrangements. An excellent way to impress others is to use a variety of greenery in flower arrangements or in decorating rooms for celebrations, photo shoots, or formal events. FiftyFlowers online store offers the most incredible bulk greenery that will refresh and brighten any floral ensemble.

However, in order for greenery to please the eye and stay fresh for a long time, you should follow important practical advice from experts in the flower industry.

bulk greenery

Trendy Bulk Greenery at FiftyFlowers

Greenery not only decorates the surrounding space, fills it with joy and enchanting aroma, but also allows you to create a unique atmosphere of different localities. FiftyFlowers offers bulk greenery of all kinds that can be used in themed parties and fill the banquet halls or cozy rooms with the fascinating aroma of distant lands. Greenery and bulk filler flowers come directly from the farms, which guarantees their freshness and a special charm:

  • Italian and Israeli Ruscus
  • Olive tree branches
  • Bells of Ireland
  • Tropical greenery
  • Plumosa fern
  • Pampas grass
  • Palm leaves
  • Magnolia
  • Cedar, and more than 170 types of other unique greenery

How to Care for Bulk Filler Flowers and Greenery After Delivery

Some customers order ready-made compositions, others want to create them personally and make bulk purchases. In order for greenery to maintain a luxurious look for a long time, give it a little attention. If you know how and when to change the water in plants, they will thank you with excellent shape, color, and freshness.

  • After the delivery, the greens will need a lot of water. Therefore, prepare large containers of water with enough space for all the plants. Narrow vases should not be used on the first day after the arrival of greenery.
  • A large absorption of water by greenery will be observed in the first 12 hours. After the restoration of the water balance, this trend will decline.
  • If you keep the greens for a long time, change the water at least once a day. And if water becomes cloudy earlier, then do it more often.
  • To prevent rot and bacteria in the water, exclude the possibility of leaves’ contact with water. Either remove the bottom leaves or look for a lower vase.
  • To prevent your greens from drying out, renew their stem by cutting off about 1/4 inch from the bottom.

By adhering to these rules, you can maintain the color saturation, freshness, and aroma of greenery for a long time.

Wholesale Greenery from 50 Flowers at Best Prices

The more greenery will be used in decorating a room or hall, the more luxurious its appearance and the energy of the surrounding space will be. FiftyFlowers is ready to supply you with all kinds of greenery and bulk filler flowers at wholesale prices for large orders. Also, bulk orders will come to you completely free of charge. Make your holiday unforgettable with FiftyFlowers greenery!

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