9 Best Web Design Trends to Follow in 2020-2021

The biggest responsibility for the first user impression falls on web design. If you don’t want to lose your potential customers because your business website looks outdated, this article will be useful. We prepared a list of the leading website design trends to follow. Make your design look creative and increase your product or service sales with the help of our article.

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Top 9 web design trends for 2020

Web design is how you can enhance the user experience and boost the profitability of your website. If you ask different designers about the best web design trends to follow, you may hear different and even opposing opinions. We gathered the best web design trends to take into account in 2021.

1. Minimalism

The principle “less is more” works for the digital sphere too. Modern web design tendencies show the minimalistic style is a must-have for a great website. All the elements should be meaningful and useful. They shouldn’t distract your users from the main content. A webpage overwhelmed with details and an inconvenient look can discourage your users from making a purchase. Use light colors, reduce your text to a minimum, and use white space to make your pages look organized and give your users’ eyes a rest.

2. Custom-made illustrations

Illustrations give a new life to your website and brand. The age when ready-made images from stocks were popular is long gone. Modern designers tend to underline the brand uniqueness and innovativeness by using custom illustrations. It gives an overall fresh look and creates a pleasant impression of a tasteful and well-crafted website. It is one of the best  UI/UX design trends to consider in 2021.

3. Bold fonts

If you check out the most trending websites, like Netflix or Apple, you will see that using bold fonts is a hot web design trend. It draws the reader’s attention to the main message immediately. Bold font turns the main text into an image. If you want to get the most use of bold fonts, combine them with neutral colors. Make sure to select a font that works well with your brand goal and target audience. Also, check the text for readability. Make sure the content is user-friendly.

4. Soft colors

Designers consider that most people spend too much time in front of the screens these days. Therefore, using design colors that can cause eye strain is not desirable. Most web designers focus on color palettes that are comfortable for the user’s eye. Finding a middle ground between the pure dark and light is essential. This tendency demonstrates that in the future, web design will be more focused on user needs.

5. 3D elements

Such design elements attract most website users. Increased use of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies in design is predicted in the coming years. These technologies are already popular as they enable creating an incredible user experience. It is a fantastic idea to mix these technologies and build a great 3D design. However, you should consider optimizing your development platform as these elements may cause lags and slow page loading.

6. Abstract compositions

Abstract elements have replaced stock photos and figure illustrations. At first sight, abstract elements may seem too simple and minimalist, but combining them with good taste and bright colors can look amazing. It all depends on the designer’s creativity. They are predicted to be the most widely used alternative for photos in the next few years.

7. Data visualization

This is a hint on presenting the website content effectively. Visualization is more attractive than a simple text and draws more reader attention. The most common way to breathe life into your website data is by using graphs and infographics. They help the users learn more about you and get acquainted with your brand. Creating animations from your data is even better.

8. Dark mode

Dark mode

This is a new hot tendency among the web design trends in 2021. Such industry giants as Android and Instagram are providing this opportunity. Offering users various design themes allows you to create a state-of-the-art design and draw the users` attention to the particular elements. Make sure users can easily switch between light and dark modes without any lags occurring.

9. Voice User Interface

Such elements as chatbots or other virtual assistants are among the top tendencies that will continue to be relevant in 2021. Make your website stand out by using a Voice User Interface. Besides, the ordinary search by typing, add an option for voice search. This will boost your user experience to a much higher level.

Wrapping up

The bar is continually being raised higher and higher to satisfy modern users. If you want your website to remain competitive with others, turn to web design trends. Their use will bring your website and brand to an entirely new level. However, be wise and don’t follow all of them at the same time. Define what is essential and make your web design look great.

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