5 Top Indian Ocean Beach Locations to Consider for your 2023 Holiday

The Indian Ocean is the 3rd largest ocean on our blue planet, which borders Asia in the north, Africa to the west, and Australia to the east. South of the Indian Ocean is Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, which is very harsh and inhospitable, yet there are some stunning Indian Ocean beaches that you could choose for your next holiday.

Indian Ocean Beach Locations

1. Maldives –

Why not book a beach pool villa in the Maldives and enjoy a millionaire lifestyle? There are 26 atolls that make up the Maldives, with more than 1,200 small islands that have some of the best beaches in the world. If lounging poolside in 5-star luxury is your thing, this holiday is for you. You can choose between a sunrise or sunset view and all units are fully furnished and ready for occupation.

2. Seychelles –

The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago consisting of 115 small islands and has long been a firm favorite for sun-seekers looking for a luxury beach holiday. Close to Madagascar and Mauritius, Seychelles has built a fantastic tourism infrastructure and invested in quality real estate, with many 5-star resorts. You can fly direct to Seychelles International Airport, where a limo will take you to the poolside villa and you can live like a millionaire.

3. Mauritius –

Much like neighboring Maldives, this island republic is famous around the world for luxury holidays. The beaches are superb and the luxury villas are legendary, with all mod cons, wi-fi, a/c, pool, and jacuzzi. 24/7 room service is standard and you can relax by the pool with your favourite cocktail as you watch the sun slowly disappear over the horizon. There are several National Parks where you can observe a diverse range of wildlife, plus the resort can book you on the many tours of the island. If Costa Rica sounds appealing, click here.

4. Sri Lanka –

Formerly Ceylon, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is located southwest of the Bay of Bengal and there are many top-rated resorts where you can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. For many years, civil war raged throughout the country, yet a few years ago, tourists began to return, and with so much to see and do, this small country is well worth a visit.

6. Reunion –

This is a French island set in the Indian Ocean and you can find everything you need for an active holiday on a tropical island. Mountaineering, kayaking, and mountain bike riding through the trails is a great ways to spend the day and in the evening, you can relax by the pool. Most people have never heard of Reunion, the island is volcanic and has impressive peaks, with three summits over 9,000ft, so if climbing is your thing, this might be the place for you!

Time waits for no man and if you book your Indian Ocean holiday soon, you won’t be disappointed. Those who love idyllic beaches and diverse marine life will surely fall in love with all of the above.


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