Top Motorcycle Tips For How To Ride Safely

Whether you’ve just passed your test or have been riding for years you’ll be aware that more motorcyclists are killed on the roads than car drivers. It’s a dangerous option. But, it’s also convenient and a lot of fun.

The trick to staying safe on the road is to remind yourself of these safety tips regularly. It’s easy to become complacent, which is something a biker should never be.

Top Motorcycle Tips For How To Ride Safely

Choose The Right Bike

The first safety tip is to have the right bike. As a beginner, you’re only allowed to ride up to 650cc with a 150 kilowatt per ton ratio. But, this covers a lot of bikes. Regardless of your experience level, you need to consider the comfort of your bike, it’s weight and how well you can handle it, and whether your feet can comfortably reach the ground.

That’s often the problem with trial bikes for many shorter people which is why these KTM bikes Sydney with their lower riding heights, are very popular.

Getting a bike that you’re comfortable with means you can focus on the road and what is going on around you, not on trying to control the bike.

Wear A Helmet

In Australia, it is obligatory to wear a helmet as they have been shown to save lives. That means don’t be tempted to have a quick ride down a back road without your helmet.

But, you also need to note that helmets are only good if they are looked after. Scratches need to be inspected to ensure they haven’t affected the strength of the helmet. Equally, a helmet that has been dropped should be thrown away and replaced, it may not offer the protection it should in a crash.

Traffic Rules

Motorcycles can easily filter through traffic, pull off fast from the lights, and even slip through small gaps. But, you must still obey the same rules as all other motorists. This protects you from car drivers that struggle to see motorbikes and won’t be looking for something as they pull of at the lights.

Obeying the road rules is essential to keep yourself safe.

Proper Maintenance

Your bike needs to be checked regularly, that’s’ tire pressures, tread, fluids, whether the chain is tight and lubricated, amongst other things. Failing to do these means your bike can misbehave, usually at the worst possible moment.

If you can’t handle the maintenance yourself then you need to take it into a local garage and get them to do it for you.

Stay Alert

As a motorcyclist, you should be aware you are more at risk than car drivers. That means the emphasis is on you to ride defensively and stay vigilant. By adopting this approach you’ll be better prepared when things go wrong and should be able to take evasive action.

Being alert to danger helps you to react fast enough to make a difference. It doesn’t have to affect your enjoyment of riding.

Of course, you should never drink and ride as this affects your ability to control your bike or be aware of other road users.

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