5 essential Elements of Contemporary Interior Decor

If you wish to create a space that uses modern designs and is minimalistic in nature, then contemporary interior decor is the right option for you. Many people don’t consider this option because they feel that the designs will be too simple for their taste. But that’s not true at all!

A contemporary decor will give your space a sophisticated touch while adding splashes of color and patterns that make it lively!

The style is focused more on making your place beautiful with the help of designs rather than things. Here are the essential elements of contemporary interior decor:

Contemporary Interior Decor

1. Smart Use of Colors

A common mistake many people make when designing their homes is adding a lot of colors or too little color. Also, the colors are often a contrast to one another and make the space look very small.

One of the main features of a contemporary interior design is the subtlety of the colors. Muted neutrals, black and white colors are used more than the rest to create sophisticated patterns. Vibrant colors are used only to accentuate the look of neutral tones. This gives a very modern and sophisticated appearance along with a touch of freshness.

The colors are further used to evoke different emotions. You can use soothing shades in the bedrooms to make them more comfortable and make the living rooms bolder.

2. Blend of textures and materials

A contemporary interior style ambiance is heavily influenced by the textures that are used. Generally, designers prefer using several different textures to create a lively ambiance and avoid giving the space a monotonous appearance. Just like with colors, the textures are also used in a manner that invokes various emotions.

For example, a sheer curtain will be used to give a more soothing atmosphere. A piece of furniture that is perhaps slightly neutral-toned will be matched with upholstery that has some colors.

The right furniture has a lot to do with getting contemporary decor right. Too much of it and with contrasting colors will kill the look of the place. To get the best contemporary style furniture, you should check out FCI London.

3. Simple shapes and crisp lines

Most people tend to choose either angular, geometric-shaped designs or ones that are softer and include more curves. It depends on the look the person is going for.

For lines, however, the design must always be straight and sharp. Some ways in which strong lines are achieved by interior designers going for a contemporary style include- big windows, bold color blocks, and high ceilings.

Furniture pieces are also used to accentuate the shapes and give a coherent look to the entire design.

4. The contrast between industrial and natural elements

To make the space look more interesting, contemporary interior design often includes various contrasting elements like metal pipes being paired with light polished wood. This makes the space look unique and gives it a great design while remaining minimal.

Most people opt for some soft touch of this contrast to not make the design too distracting but again, it depends on the overall design that is being aimed for.

5. Spacious designs

If you are someone who wishes to live in a space that offers a lot of openness and space then going for a contemporary interior design is the best option for you. Spaciousness is an important element of this design.

Large, open spaces that seamlessly connect every room in the house make contemporary interiors an exceptional choice. The focus is more on using natural elements like sunlight to create designs that are sophisticated and soothing.

Over to you…

When you finalize your interiors, the ultimate decision should be based on what suits your personality and your own aesthetic.

A contemporary interior is bound to make things simple for you with the wide range of variations that it offers. You can add a different touch to every room and still bind the whole house together. Not to mention the subtle yet brilliant look the space adorns!

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