10 Basic tips to win over the interviewer

In times of recession, it becomes difficult to get a job. Some jobseekers sweat thinking of attending an interview. Getting nervous will not help in any way. Confidence is the key to get over this. Preparing technically for the interview is a different ball game. In this article, let us briefly look at how to go through the process of getting interviewed confidently.

Find more details about the company you are going for the interview and prepare yourself accordingly. Try to get as much information as possible about the company. You can search for online reviews and talk to previous employees if possible. The information includes but not limited to the office, services, financial condition, products, annual income, profit and loss, future expansion plans, their competitors etc. Prepare yourself for the most frequently asked questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “What do you know about our company?” These are questions asked to ease the interviewee and should be used to relax.

interview tips

The night before, make a mental rehearsal of the process of interview. Make a thorough role-play of a candidate successfully attending interview. On the day of interview, reach the venue ahead of the schedule by at least fifteen minutes. Don’t be late and find excuses. You need to take along with all relevant documents, certificates and call letter. If possible, keep a spare photostat copy of all these certificates.

1. Wearing bright clean formal attire will increase your confidence. Your dress, body language, facial expression, everything counts.

2. Be honest with an open mind. Greet the interviewer warmly and shake hands confidently and firmly.

3. You are judged right from the time you enter the interview hall. Sit upright comfortably in the chair, after instructed. Keep your hands on the arm-rest.

4. Keep your knee toward the interviewer, the body language of which is interpreted as you are attentive in that direction.

5. Do not have your arms folded against the chest. It is a symbol of defensiveness and gives a not-so-impressive opinion. Touching nose, chin rubbing, wandering eyes are considered signs of weaknesses.

6. Keeping hands on his desk, paper, files should be avoided as it is akin to invading his territory.

7. Actions can speak louder than words. Keep eye contact as necessary without giving the impression that you are staring. Looking at the eyes of the interviewer when he is talking or you are talking is a good practice. Lower your eyes when nobody is talking.

8. Stay positive with a mild natural smile all through the interview.

9. Frankness and admitting that you do not know answer gives a positive impression. Do not lie as though you know the answer when you don’t know. When asked, give a brief answer about your personal details.

10. In the end, leave with a handshake. Getting the job is secondary. Leaving an impression with the interviewer is important, which increases your confidence. Follow this procedure diligently and you will be bestowed with success soon.

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