Tops 6 Must-Haves for Your Guitar Lessons

If you’re studying this, it’s probably because you want to become a pro guitar player and guess what, you’re just in the right place! Below we explore some of the must-haves for your guitar lessons. At this point, we’d also like to assume you have the obvious “must-have” for taking your first lesson, that is, the guitar. But if not, then not to worry as you can always get the perfect fit for you by reviewing the available guitars for sale. With that being said, here are the other must-haves for your guitar lessons. Also, make sure that you get yourself a tuner to help keep your guitar in tune while you’re practicing.

Guitar Lessons

  1. Guitar Tuner

The journey to becoming an expert guitarist begins when you learn to identify when you are in or out of tune. If you don’t master this at the beginning of your lessons and allow your ears to accept an out of tune sound as normal, you’ll be playing your guitar thinking you sound great when in reality your music makes the ears bleed. On that note, one essential accessory to bring to your guitar lessons is the guitar tuner. It is affordable, easy to use, and on top of it all, removes the guesswork out of tuning.

  1. A Guitar Strap

If you are going for a classical guitar, then you do not need this for your lessons. But if not, then it pays to have a guitar strap. It’ll help you adjust to the right guitar playing posture and enable you to move freely without worrying about that nice-looking and very quality guitar you found on guitars for sale.

  1. An Extra Pack of Picks and Strings

Even an expert guitar player will break a pick or a string every once in a while. This means that as a beginner, there’s a high chance you might break one or two picks or strings. Don’t feel bad about it because this is just part of the learning process. Instead, bring an extra pack of strings just in case you break them, and extra picks in case yours gets lost.

  1. Metronome

A metronome helps strengthen your rhythm and timing skills in a way other accessory can’t. It comes in advantage if you’re trying to improve on your playing speed. You will not need this in your first lesson, but you will definitely need it at some point. So, why not include it on your must-haves and buy it now so you can have it at arm’s reach when you do need it. Note, you can either go for a hardware one or opt for an app version.

  1. Pen and Paper

Whether you are having an in-person tutor, or taking an online guitar lesson, having a pen and paper during your lesson is essential. It allows you to write down important points and revisit them later.

  1. A Guitar Maintenance Kit

You do not need this for your lessons, but it’s good to put it on the list you’ll buy first while shopping for your guitar accessories. Why? Well, a guitar is a significant investment, not just money-wise but also for your guitar-playing career. It is therefore only sensible that you keep it in good shape.

If you’re a total beginner, for instance, if you’ve come across a guitar for sale board in your favorite mall but never actually touched one before, the learning curve might be a little steep. The good to know fact is that once you get out of this stage, there’s no looking back. With the must-haves above and a good teacher, you can be confident you’ll get out of this beginner phase soon.


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