Why Climate Change Skepticism is Prevalent

Despite all researches pointing to climate change being a reality, you will still find lots of skeptics. This is because people don’t want to accept it as a real issue and prefer to believe in whatever they want. Here are the potential reasons behind the skepticism.

False information from the media

Fake news is more prevalent these days. When people see information that confirms their long-standing belief, they will believe in it right away. It doesn’t matter even if the truth says otherwise. The repeated fanning of the flames also worsens the situation. Instead of gearing towards the acceptance of climate change policies, they decide to withdraw their support. Solving the dominance of fake news should be a priority.

Why Climate Change Skepticism is Prevalent

Climate change policies directly affect some people

These policies might seem positive, but they have a direct and adverse effect on many people. For instance, people in certain industries could lose their jobs. Others saw these massive job losses over the years and are afraid there will be more. It doesn’t matter, even if the lack of climate policies will continue to threaten their jobs anyway. Since they see the efforts as a threat to their livelihood, they decide to be more skeptical.

Others also dislike following changes that will inconvenience them. For instance, asking people to segregate trash or pursue metal recycling might be a big challenge. As a result, they won’t take extra steps to help solve environmental issues.

Climate change is a natural process for many

It’s also possible that the skepticism stems from the idea that climate change is natural. We saw several drastic climate changes throughout recorded history, and the current problem is no different. It might be part of another cycle, and it’s inevitable. But, again, studies show otherwise. While cycles are true, the current problem faced is way out of line.

Some leaders worsen the spread of fake news

It’s one thing if the false information comes from media outlets. Some people might be skeptical about what they hear or read. However, it’s a different story if the information came from elected officials. They’re a source of power. Many people listen to them. When they say something is true, it’s easy for people to agree. Sadly, we continue seeing leaders who advocate against climate policies. It doesn’t mean they disagree with these policies. Some of them understand the truth behind climate change and global warming. Yet, they decide to pursue what they want to stay in power.

The point is that we still have several steps to take. If we want to avert the impact of climate change, we should move in a positive direction now. Don’t give up on explaining to people why pursuing climate policies is necessary. Let them know that what’s going on is extraordinary and they should do something too. Don’t be afraid to argue as long as you stay diplomatic. We can’t be complacent when we know things are heading for the worse. We still have time, and we must use it to ask for more people to cooperate.

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