7 Interesting Facts about iPhone that you do not Know

Owning an iPhone is like making a style statement of your own. Every time new iPhone releases, people start looking for the day to purchase one. With the first iPhone releasing in 2007, the Times Magazine had named it as the Invention of The Year. The reason being, it’s immense popularity around the world that started a cry out well before its release. That’s so cool! But, most of us are unaware of many facts apart from what the news and blogs have to say.

Here, We have listed some of the fascinating unknown facts for a better insight into our favorite iPhones.

1. Where did iPhone Name arrive?

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Where did the name iPhone come from? Before Apple associated with the name of iPhone, it was Cisco who had named their VOIP phones like an iPhone. Surprised? Wait for the shocker. Actually, Cisco had also sued Apple for using the name iPhone for its smartphones. But, later both the companies reached a mutual settlement on the issue.

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