Activities to keep yourself busy during quarantine!

The whole world was completely shut down due to the coronavirus; this has been tough on everyone especially for people who depend on going out for everything! Now, quarantine can be very boring and mentally draining as well, which is why here is a list of things you could be doing to distract yourself while the world outside your house is shut down.

Activities to keep yourself busy during quarantine!


Reading has always been a great way to distract yourself; it is a century old saying that a book is a man’s best friend. With technological advancements, everything is readily available online, which makes it easier for people to read at the comfort of their home without spending a dime! Quarantine has also shut down many bookstores, which is why online reading sites have flourished immensely.

Letting the author’s words flow through your brain while you sit in your home is an underrated feeling, reading a book can transport you into a different world, which is perfect for anyone in quarantine.

So, pick up a book from your shelf that has been sitting there for years and let the boredom subside.


Writing has always been a way for people to get their thoughts out, and during lockdown, everyone has been dealing with the new reality in a different way. Writing a journal or even an everyday diary entry can be very soothing to anyone who has been living the same day repeatedly since March!

For people who do not believe they are writers should take up this opportunity to learn and grow, writing about small things has been proven to be very healthy for your brain as well as your physical well-being!

Start by keeping small notes and then move on to writing sonnets!

Paint by Numbers:

Paint by numbers is a newfound art that has made life easier for anyone who wants to be an artist but never thought they could.

Paint by Numbers is a DIY artistic expression that has been making a staggering rebound and has flung itself into the spotlight. The explanation being that fine art is reasonable for all ages and aptitude types. Paint by Numbers is extraordinary for learners and does not require any past involvement with paint. All paint by numbers kits are the best available in the market.

Paint by Numbers is a painting framework where the picture or the canvas is partitioned into various measured shapes and parts; each part is named with a number that is assigned to shading. You follow the number guide and fill in the parts, with each assigned shading until it is finished and makes an excellent picture that you can put up in your house.

Numerous individuals believe Paint by Numbers to be predictable or oversimplified yet nothing could be farther from reality. Presenting yourself in the realm of craftsmanship as a tenderfoot can be overwhelming and baffling. This is the place Paint by Numbers proves to be useful. Paint by Numbers has a ton of advantages for everybody.

Utilizing the number framework and the assigned hues removes the pressure and the dissatisfaction of attempting to make something excellent. It encourages you figure out how to center and investigate each picture, causes you recognize hues so that with enough practice you can without much of a stretch make fine art all alone.

Learn a musical instrument:

The art of music has always been soothing for everyone, whether it is a guitar or a piano, every time you hear an instrument – something inside you feels at peace.

Learning an instrument has become extremely easy due to the technological advancements and the free access to YouTube – so pick up that instrument you always wanted to learn and start there!

Lockdown has been hard on each person in a different way and everyone has dealt with it differently, take your time and do not be too hard on yourself!

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