Jane Musky Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio and little known facts

Jane Musky was born in 1954 in New Jersey, USA. Her birthday is May 27th, a production designer and art director from the United States. She is of American descent and of white ethnicity. She is of below average height, weight, and age. She is of consenting age. She is a white female with a slim build and height under 5 ft 3 ins tall.

Jane Musky

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Jane Musky Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio and little known facts

Real NameJane Musky
Date of Birth27 May 1954
Place of BirthMaplewood, New Jersey, United States
  • Production Designer
  • Film Art Director
  • TV Art Director
Age68 Years as of July 2022
Height6 feet 1 inch
Net Worth$4M estimated
RelationshipsM. Tony Goldwyn 1987
CitizenshipUnited States
Social MediaNot Available

Early Life

Jane Musky was born in 1954 to an American family. She spent her childhood in America. Her beginning life was very beautiful, she enjoyed every minute of it, living without any stress. She completed her graduation from Ohio University.


Jane Musky began her career as a production designer for children’s animations. Later she worked for Family Dog on The Hub TV Network doing the production designing and art direction for 7 seasons. Later on, she worked as a background artist for Hotel Transylvania which was also produced by Sony Pictures Animation, and also a production designer for an animated series called Popbot which is being aired on the Cartoon Network. Recently she joined Fox Studios and started working as a storyboard artist there.


She is married to a man named Tony Musky with whom she has been together since the year 2000. She has two children, her son Christian and son Jasper were born before marriage. In the years 2011 and 2012, she had a couple of relationships with professional men including Dan Zaslavsky and Geoffrey Arends.

Hobbies and Interest

Jane Musky is a person who has many interests and hobbies. She likes to listen to music and always loves to spend time working on her body and designing herself. She is a big fan of art and loves to spend her time watching the latest movies in theaters. She also spends much of her time trading stocks.

Jane Musky Net Worth

Jane Musky earns a good sum of money from her career. Her net worth is estimated to be $2 Million US dollars as of July 2017. Her salary per year ranges from $150k- $200k US dollars as of now but it can go up or down at any moment based on the demand at hand for the professionals like her in the art industry.

Unknown Facts about Jane Musky

She has been working for DreamWorks Animation for a long time. Jane is a person who loves to help the needy and grow physically and mentally. She is a regular at military fitness training and also enjoys Crossfit. She helps people who are in need and one thing she loves to do is to help those people. She is a production designer and art director. She is a professional with training in both design and arts.

Bottom Line: After reading her biography, it is clear to us that jane musky is one of the best artists in Hollywood. She has a great sense of devotion and love for the work she does. She is an inspiration to many people out there, who wish to make their way up in the art industry and understand from her own experiences.

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