Why Are Instagram Influencers So Popular?

As individuals get more followers on Instagram, they can attain an influencer status to affect lifestyle and purchase decisions among their followers. This ability makes them invaluable to small businesses and big-name brands alike. Instagrammers with more followers exhibit influence on their followers. It’s very certain that influencers with low numbers of followers keep looking for Instagram growth services to grow their follower count.  Check out this link to learn how to get more followers on Instagram https://www.simplygram.com/how-to-get-more-followers-on-instagram/

Instagram influencers are immensely popular because while several platforms host influencers, none of them match Instagram. Why exactly are Instagram influencers so popular?  and how to find micro influencer? Let’s find out.

Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers Produce Frequent and Useful Content

With YouTube, Netflix, and the likes, the world today is not deficient in content. Then why do over a billion people turn to Instagram for more content? Instagram started as an app to post ‘instant photos’ from your smartphones. It has now ridden the smartphone wave to become the go-to site for all pictures (and more).

Traditional content was aimed at the lowest common denominator: what the majority of people would like. Today, your content has to stand out among the clutter and competition on Instagram to generate engagement. This has made it necessary for your content to be more niche-specific to be able to attract more hardcore fans than casual ones. Instagram influencers use this practice to their advantage.

Head over to Instagram, and you are guaranteed to find influencers who cover the subjects you like or are passionate about. Fitness, tech, travel, and even ink pens if that’s what you fancy. There are no limits to the content you can follow or communities you can join. On top of posting useful content, Instagram influencers do frequent posting, meaning you always have something to look forward to relating to topics you like.

Sense of Community

While other social media sites have as many if not more users than Instagram, none do as good a job at fostering a sense of community. The user interface and the visual appeal of Instagram have helped the network secure its place as the number one social media platform. Its position has been further strengthened when it comes to engagement rates.

Instagram users easily find influencers they like and follow them not just for the content but also for the sense of community. They engage with influencers’ content in the form of likes and comments, besides interacting with other people with similar interests and beliefs.

Humans have an innate need to interact with others, and platforms like Instagram make this possible. Not only can you communicate with other followers, but you can also connect with the influencers themselves. This further adds to the allure of Instagram. It validates the followers’ voices and helps them feel closer to Instagram influencers than traditional celebrities. This unique, communal relationship is a significant reason why over 3/4ths of brands partner with influencers for marketing.

Garner Trust

When users encounter an influencer’s account, browse through their content, and choose to follow them, they know what they signed up for. They understand what the person offers and buy into it. Many influencers’ accounts are dedicated to genuine real-world content. Others that offer ‘unreal’ or ‘in character’ content also tend to break the fourth wall via Instagram Live or Stories. This candid look into an influencer’s thoughts and life helps them create trust and cache with their followers that is invaluable and unrivaled across other social media sites.

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