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Property in Dubai

Today, various sectors of the economy of the Middle East are among the most popular investment areas for foreigners. One of the most open regions in terms of buying real estate is the UAE. If you wish and have the opportunity to buy a house in Dubai, you can profitably and in a short time using the services of Ax Capital agency.

Investment in the real estate market in Dubai

Since 2002, after the signing of a special decree by Sheikh Zayed, foreigners have received the right to acquire residential properties in Dubai. This contributed to a construction boom: in the areas available for investment, giant skyscrapers, villas, and other luxury properties began to be built. Why is the UAE so attractive today for investing in various business areas, including the real estate market?

buying an apartment in Dubai

Features of the Dubai real estate market

Before proceeding with the choice of housing, you should learn about some legislative features.

  1. Acquisition of any residential property by foreigners is possible only on the territory of free zones (freehold). An extensive selection of housing awaits the investor here: apartments, townhouses, villas, etc. In other areas, only long-term leases up to 99 years are available to foreigners.
  2. By purchasing an apartment relatively inexpensively (for a high-class property in an area with developed infrastructure), foreigners get the same ownership as locals. Purchase and sale transactions are controlled at the state level, so every investor can feel protected from the point of view of the law.
  3. Investing in real estate in the UAE is profitable and promising. Property remains a valuable asset, despite the events in the world. The price per square meter and the conditions for the sale of housing are currently extremely attractive. Many developers offer clients a guaranteed rental income of 8-10% for 3-5 years.
  4. It should also be borne in mind that the buyer, concluding a transaction, is obliged to pay a commission of 4%, if the transaction is concluded with the assistance of an agent and otherwise is not stipulated in the contract for the sale of the housing.

The modern Arab Emirates is a stable and calm country from a political and economic point of view. The real estate market is diverse, and the quality of the properties themselves meets the highest standards. Transactions in this area are controlled by the state, so a foreign investor considering the possibility of buying an apartment or villa here can feel protected by law.

Anyone who decides to invest in real estate should be aware of certain features associated with the acquisition of properties of various functional purposes. Until recently, housing here could only be rented for up to 99 years. Today, any foreigner can become the owner of a home and get the same rights as locals. To do this, you need to buy real estate in the free zone (freehold).

Factors affecting the price of a real estate in Dubai

Today, a foreigner has the opportunity to become the owner of residential properties in the UAE. Their purchase has its own nuances that you need to know about before you start looking for the best offer. In addition, before buying a property at an attractive price, it is worth studying exactly what factors affect the price of a housing.

The most developed is the market in Dubai. Therefore, the cost of sq. m is one of the highest. You can buy the housing you like only within the boundaries of the so-called free zones (freehold). Outside of them, only rent is possible.

The most expensive properties are located in

  • Downtown,
  • Dubai Marina,
  • Palm Jumeirah,
  • and Springs.

The price of a real estate, of course, is affected by its area. Purchase a studio with an area of ​​​​about 30 square meters – the best solution to buy a property in Dubai at a price that will certainly please a potential investor.

The most expensive properties include penthouses and villas. The latter is located in the most expensive areas of the emirate. The amounts of transactions, for example, on the Palm Jumeirah beat all possible records, especially if the property is located directly on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Since foreign citizens have acquired the right to acquire real estate in the UAE, the market has been full of a variety of proposals. Investors are attracted by the opportunity to receive high income from renting or selling a housing, as well as political and economic stability in the country. The highest quality standards are met not only by elite housing but also by affordable apartments.

State regulation

One of the most dynamically developing and comfortable for life “city of tomorrow” does not cease to develop rapidly. Demand for real estate is growing steadily, and the construction boom in the affordable housing segment keeps supply at a fairly high level.

State regulation of all transactions made guarantees the safety of each buyer. The decision to invest in housing in the UAE is strategically correct. In recent years, rental income from affordable apartments in Dubai has been stable, as 90% of residents are foreign citizens. If the need arises to sell the housing, this can be done on very favorable terms.

Real estate agency in Dubai

Despite the transparency and comprehensibility of local legislation, buying a home without professional help can be delayed. By contacting Ax Capital, you get the opportunity to choose the most interesting and affordable object from the many options in our catalog. Employees of the company will provide information and legal support, will accompany you at all stages of the transaction, and help you complete it as soon as possible and on favorable terms.

It offers clients the most complete and up-to-date database of housing. Their team of professionals will help you choose from a variety of proposals, focusing on the individual wishes and capabilities of the client. With their help, the purchase of apartments or villas in Dubai will be completed as soon as possible, and the investment will bring the desired income in the future.

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