The Rule of Pulling Off Athleisure Fashion

Casual. Versatile. Colorful. Trendy. Comfortable. Those are the words that best describe athleisure. And yes, this trend is here to stay, and everyone is happy about this. After all, there is nothing wrong with being comfortable all day long.

For active ladies, the emergence of athleisure fashion indicates it is now socially acceptable to wear workout clothes in public. Think sweatpants, high-waisted yoga pants, gym tanks, hoodies, shorts, leggings, joggers, and sneakers. Athleisure is comfort meets fashion!

But let’s face it! Although you wish to wear sweats all day long, that probably is not the ideal decision. A good solution is to combine athleisure items with some of your fave wardrobe staples to make a closet that will bring you from home office to school meetings and to a night out with friends.

Athleisure Fashion

Choose pieces that showcase your favorite body part

Do you love your legs? Find a comfortable pair of shorts. Proud of your eyes? Throw on cute sunnies for your next grocery run, like the Strip3 Titanium by Lindberg. Love your butt? Get a good pair of workout leggings that rejoices with what you’ve got!

Flattering and comfortable athletic pieces do so many things. They give you a boost of confidence to get through your day.

Find black leggings that could go with anything

Honestly, black women’s workout leggings are the ideal piece of clothing. Consider it—they go with everything.

They can be dressed up or dressed down with ease. They fit every single body type. They are extremely versatile. Have a video call for your work? Throw on that blazer.

Scheduled a quick yoga glass? Get a moisture-wicking tank top and your yoga mat. Running to a PTA meeting at school? Opt for boots and a colorful cardigan. You see, black leggings are the best.

Try a wide array of athleisure styles

Do not assume that what looks great on your friends or neighbors will look good on you. There are many tailored and sleek athleisure pieces for you to try on.

Do you want our advice? Play around with various styles to determine what looks best on you and works for your regular routine.

You are certain to find something you like. Also, there is no harm in purchasing the same joggers in ten different colors if you actually like them!

Avoid anything baggy

It is a universal truth: baggy clothing looks too messy, sloppy, and a little bit weird on the wrong body type.

Oversized sweatshirts, giant T-shirts, and baggy sweats just look like you did not try. As an alternative, you should go for baggy comfort. Consider “fitted comfort” in your athleisure styles.

Items such as a flattering hoodie, cardigan sweater, or slim joggers will project style and confidence no matter where you go when you leave the house.

Overall, remember that athleisure fashion is much everyone’s new trend. As long as you follow some basic rules, these athleisure items will become a staple in your closet. There’s nothing better than comfort meeting fashion!

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