Top 10 Unexpected results in WWE history

Check out below the Top 10 Unexpected results in WWE history

WWE is everything but Predictable. It’s exciting, it’s amazing, it’s a paradise for wrestling fans, it’s legacy, the one thing that WWE isn’t is Predictable. Over the years we have seen many shocking results in the WWE ring. Let’s have a look back at the top 10 Unexpected WWE results in the history of WWE.

Top 10 Unexpected results in WWE history

#. Shelton Benjamin Pins Triple H

This was one of the most shocking WWE results in a long time. It was back in March 2004. It was the beginning of a new era at the WWE as we saw several talented wrestlers being drafted into the RAW roster. Shelton Benjamin was one of them. But the welcome which Shelton received was not that welcoming. Benjamin was jumped by Triple H in the backstage. But the kind of courage that Shelton showed was unbelievable. He actually challenged a match in the main event against The Game. But as much as the heart wants to support the underdog, I don’t think that there was even a single person in the audience willing to bet against Triple H.

However, the match that followed turned out to be completely unexpected and highly entertaining. We saw a couple of occasions with both men nearly pinning the other. And as we see in most of Triple H matches, he had Ric Flair in his corner to distract his opponent. But  Chris Benoit would come out to even the playing field. And after some serious spectacular wrestling, we saw the two ‘ ‘corner-men’ Flair and Benoit, get into an argument themselves. This caught Triple H’s attention and was an opportunity enough for Shelton to capitalize. A corner splash and roll was enough for Shelton to win.

#. Sheamus beat John Cena

NO one could have imagined such a result to a WWE match. It was TLC 2009, and Sheamus was only a couple of months old at RAW. But on that night, even he couldn’t have expected that he would win his WWE Championship. But that’s not all, he took the Championship out of Cena’s hands. You may call it dubious, but a newcomer defeated The John Cena for the WWE Champion in his second ever pay-per-view match.

#. Hurricane pins The Rock

The next on our list of Shocking WWE results is the shocking outcome of the match between The Hurricane and The Rock. Well, the feud between The Rock and The Hurricane started as a rather funny one. After The Rock’s return from his new heel “Hollywood” gimmick, he was called a sellout by The Hurricane. The people’s champion took it lightly initially get into a few programs exchanging hilarious backstage segments.

But these arguments soon took a serious turn when in March of 2003, The Hurricane finally got a one on one match with The Rock in the main event of RAW. What made this match serious was the fact that it was a no DQ match. But to be frank no one could have thought about The Hurricane to have won the match. Well, first look at the size of the two men. But it was surprising to see The Hurricane having a few falls on The Rock. But we soon saw The Rock getting frustrated with this game of cat and mouse and we saw him set up Hurricane for the People’s Elbow. But that is when  Stone Cold Steve Austin’s, The Rock’s WrestleMania opponent that year came to the ring and The Rock was distracted. Before we knew it, The Hurricane rolled up The Great One and it was 1-2-3!

#. One more Spear and Jackhammer

“The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar, is a formidable Superstar. He has matches everywhere he wrestled, UFC, WWE all the same. He was unstoppable until Goldberg returned.

It was Brock’s manager, Paul Heyman who issued out the challenge to Goldberg. And as one could have expected, the challenge was gladly accepted. Goldberg said that he had one more spear and jackhammer left in him. This was kind of a rematch of WrestleMania 20, which was won by Goldberg. What that followed was weeks of back and forth promos building up the hype. The WWE Universe was hoping, even praying if I might say for anyone to take down Brock Lesnar. Everyone was rooting for Goldberg. But it took more than one spear, two spears, and a jackhammer to be exact and we saw Goldberg putting an end to Brock’s reign of dominance in minutes.

#. The Kid beats Razor Ramon

Before becoming degenerate X-Pac, Sean Waltman was just “The Kid”. He went up against Razor Ramon. Who on earth would have imagined The Kid to beat The Bad Guy? It was a cakewalk for Razor Ramon for most of the match. But as Razor went for a turnbuckle smash, he hit his head on the post. What happened next was that The Kid capitalized by going to the top rope and doing a perfect moonsault manoeuvre on a dazed Ramon dropping him down for the 1-2-3!

#. The End of the Streak of 21

Twenty-one, that’s the number of superstars took on The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Undertaker had a streak of 21-0 in the WrestleMania, probably the greatest there ever will be, but Lesnar was the one who ended it finally.

It always had been Undertaker winning “The Grand Daddy of All,” but who knew Lesnar’s motto of “Eat Sleep Conquer The Streak”, would actually come true. A spectacular fight and three F-5’s later,  Brock Lesnar, finally defeated the Undertaker.

#. Kevin Owens pins John Cena

This was one of the most shocking out of all the unbelievable WWE results we have seen so far. Kevin Owens came to the Elimination Chamber 2015 after a series of fantastic US Open Challenge matches on Raw. Going into the match, no one would have expected Kevin Owens to win that too without any controversy. The match was incredible with both the wrestlers putting their best up for the show. But never did we see that Kevin Owens Pop-Up Powerbomb coming our way. That did it for Owens and he had earned a victory cleaner than Cena’s public image.

#. Bret Hart taps out to Shawn Michaels

Even after twenty years, the match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart at the Survivor Series 1997 still remains one of the most discussed moments in all of wrestling history. It wasn’t the fact that Shawn Michaels won the match, but the series of events that lead up to this victory is what makes these results so shocking. This makes this match go down as one of the most shocking matches in our list of Top 10 unexpected WWE results.

#. Jinder Mahal becomes #1 Contender

No one, and when I say No one, I mean No one could have seen this coming. Eight months after his return to WWE in August 2016 Jinder Mahal had won just two matches. But out of nowhere he suddenly became the number one contender for the WWE Championship, and the entire wrestling world was in shock.

Have seen a jump bigger than this. Jinder was there, at the absolute bottom of the card. And then suddenly he was the number one contender for the WWE Championship match at a pay-per-view.

#. Ivan Koloff beat Bruno Sammartino

Bruno Sammartino was as big as it gets in the 1970s. He was a god to wrestling fans. The entire company revolved around him. And even after eight years as Champion, Bruno was still as popular as he ever was. But soon it was a little too much for him and he needed some time off. So in January 1971, Ivan Koloff defeated the undefeatable Bruno Sammartino. And that too in just 48 seconds. The arena was left stunned. It’s still known as “The Night the Garden Went Silent”. Without a doubt, this was the most shocking out of all the unbelievable WWE results.

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