How An Air Conditioner Or Heat Pump Works

HVAC systems play a crucial role in homes and other residential places. It ensures there are improved air quality and temperature regulation. Therefore, it is good to understand how the heat pump works and learn on this site on how to choose the right heat type for your AC unit and to help you decide whether to purchase it. Typically, heat pumps distribute heat in a home by absorbing the energy from the surroundings. When it is in cooling mode, it absorbs the heat indoors and releases it to the outdoors.

Heat pumps consist of two major components: indoor and outdoor units. Both of them work interchangeably to allow sufficient heat transfer in the home. The outdoor unit consists of a fan and a coil whereby the coil can operate as a condenser while in a cooling mode, it acts as an evaporator.

How An Air Conditioner Or Heat Pump Works

When in heating mode, the fan, on the other hand, blows the air outside to enhance heat exchange. The indoor unit contains a fan and a coil. The coil can be a condenser while in heating mode and an operator in a cooling mode. The fan is responsible for distributing heat in the coil and through the ducts. Refrigerant is also another major component that absorbs heat by circulating through the system. The compressor pressurises refrigerant to allow it to move in the system.

There is also a reversing valve that prevents the backward flow of a refrigerant. These valves also regulate the flow of refrigerant and facilitate the reduction of temperature and pressure. After having an overview of the heat pump components, we can now have an insight into how it works.

How it works

It is essential to understand that its operation involves transferring heat from areas of low temperature and pressure. Liquid refrigerant in the indoor coil is pumped, allowing air from the inside to be blown into the coils. The refrigerant absorbs the heat energy, thus cooling the air in the home ducts. This leads to heating up of the refrigerant, which eventually evaporates.

The gaseous refrigerant will be pressurized in the compressor before it circulates in the coil system, located in the outdoor unit. A fan in the outdoor unit is responsible for condensing the coil while in the cooling mode. Therefore, the refrigerant will turn to liquid as it is pumped through the expansion valve in the indoor unit. The expansion valve reduces the pressure significantly, allowing the refrigerant to cool. This allows it to be pumped back for the cycle to begin once again.


The heat pump requires frequent maintenance so that it can function optimally. The biggest challenge to most owners is to identify if their systems got some problems. So it is vital to be vigilant and check if some strange odors are coming from the system. It could indicate that some leakages or other mechanical problems are leading to low air quality. All this is a result of lack of maintenance. When you have a thermostat malfunction or leaking refrigerant, strange sounds, loss of system efficiency, and inconsistent airflow, it is crucial to fix the problems before it escalates. You can contact professionals like water heater repair Las Vegas to get it fixed as soon as possible.

So you can choose an ac repair in waxahachie tx to do the repairs but first, determine your needs and the repairs you want to be fixed. You can also do some ground checks to ascertain if it meets the competency level that you require. I would recommend hiring a technician from the ac repair in waxahachie tx to inspect and fix your system. They have professional technicians who will get the job well done. The company also prioritizes customer satisfaction so you can request an inspection after the repairs have been done. You will also enjoy other services at an affordable price.

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