Zorb Ball Popularity and World Record Facts

A Zorb ball is a large transparent ball with an inner capsule. It is a fun ball into which an individual is protected in the game of zorbing.

Wondering, what is Zorbing?

Zorbing is a recreational activity or sport that involves rolling downhill inside an orb, which is typically made of transparent plastic. It is typically done on a gentle slope or even on water.

With that being mentioned, the use of such Zorb balls for “water walking” has become popular in theme parks across the UK. With that being mentioned, this good read will let you know some amazing popularity facts of Zorbing and some interesting world Record Insights.

Zorb Ball Popularity

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Zorb Ball Popularity Facts

Zorbing was created to have fun, and not just any kind of fun, but fun with your friends and coworkers. Thus, it’s difficult to not have a good time while zorbing, whether you’re walking on water, putting yourself or a friend through an obstacle course, or rolling downhill. Considering the same, we have listed some of the prime reasons as to why Zorb balls are so popular:

  • Creative “zorbers” have devised plenty of amusing Zorb ball games like soccer, water zorbing, and Zorb sumo wrestling and many other such creative adventurous activities can be enjoyed well insider the ball.
  • Zorbing has appeared in several popular YouTube videos as well as TV shows,As a result, it has gradually begun to make its way into the usual weekend activities.
  • The Zorb ball popularizationis also considered as the “next big thing” in the event rental industry with its  technology advancement.
  • It’s an oversized air-filled hamster ball for humans, minus the hard shell that the rodent variety seems to have. Thus, they are considered the most suitable for use on grass, snow, ice, and even water.
  • They are now making their space as a pop culture icon that is highly admired on social media.

So, after knowing some amazing reasons of Zoro Ball Popularity, you would be excited to know that Zorb ball is not ‘just popular’ fun ball, but even has won the hearts at such huge level that it has some good-to-know World Record insights as well.

So, lets know more!

Zorb Ball World Record Facts

It is evident that the popular sport, zorbing will come with a number of world record facts. Five sphering records are acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records:

  • Steve Camp of South Africa holds the record for the longest distance travelled in a single roll, having travelled 570 meters (1,870 ft).
  • Keith Kolver of New Zealand holds the record for the fastest sphering ride, clocking in at 52 kilometers per hour (32 mph).
  • The fastest 100 meters (330 feet) in a Zorb is 23.21 seconds; it is held by James Duggan of Dunmanway, County Cork, Ireland, who broke the record on September 8, 2019 during the Sam Maguire Harvest Festival.
  • Rebecca Mazonson holds the record for spending the most time inside a zorbing ball during a zorbing event. She was zip-locked inside a Zorb for three hours, 49 minutes, and six seconds.
  • Rebecca Mazonson was also the world record holder for the fastest zorbing ride. Keith Kolver later broke her record by riding a Zorb at 32 mph.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can you breathe inside a zorb ball?

Manufacturers claim that their products are safe if used properly; one manufacturer’s website claims that its ball holds 30 minutes of oxygen, while rides typically last 7-10 minutes.

2. What are the zorbing rules?

The zorb ball can be put on a hill and rolled downhill. The participants attempt to manoeuvre themselves inside the bubble in order to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Participants are not permitted to collide with other people while tilting their zorb forward. Participants are not permitted to wear clothing with zippers.

3. What is the ideal place for shopping for zorb balls?

The Kameymall Shopping Center is the place to go for buffoonery and a reasonable way to have a great time in the sun. Kamey Mall has the ideal Zorb Balls for any event with a wide age range.

4. What is zorbing also known as?

Zorbing is also known as globe-riding, sphereing and orbing.

5. Where was the first zorbing site constructed?

Zorb Ltd. opened the first zorbing facility in Rotorua, New Zealand.

To Summarise

If you’re an adventurous person and bungee jumping seems like yesterday’s news, or if you’re stuck for birthday gift ideas for a thrill-seeking friend, consider zorbing, one of the world’s newest extreme sports. Zorbing requires no skill or fitness, only the ability to keep your foot down. So, what are you waiting for, adrenaline junkies? Get your hands on a Zorb ball and prepare to have the time of your lives.

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