5 Must-Visit Attractions on the Tropical Island of Phuket

If you have chosen Phuket as your next vacation destination, you certainly aren’t alone, as Phuket has long been a premier luxury holiday hub; known as the jewel of the Andaman Sea, the tropical island of Phuket has much to offer the visitor.

Must-Visit Attractions on the Tropical Island of Phuket

Here is our top 5 list of must-visit attractions in and around Phuket.

1. Night markets –

In Thai, they are known as ‘talaad nat’ (market by appointment), where you will find souvenirs, textiles, watches, jewellery and beachwear, all at very affordable prices. Staying at Mövenpick Myth Hotel Patong, Phuket puts you right in the middle of the best markets, which run 2 or 3 nights per week. Your hotel has up-to-date information on market days and venues; buy all your souvenirs from night markets and you’ll save some money. You can barter with the vendors, just don’t be too enthusiastic, as the vendor needs to make a living.

2. Big Buddha –

No list of Phuket attractions would be complete without the Big Buddha, which isn’t actually a temple, but rather a huge 45-metre statue of a seated Buddha, which is very impressive. Located close to Wat Chalong, Thais visit to pay their respects, so you should dress conservatively. Stunning views over Kata Beach are definitely Instagram-worthy and this is a great place to watch the sunset.

3. Muay Thai –

If you want to experience the electric atmosphere, go to one of the fight cards and immerse yourself in another world. There are many Muay Thai and MMA gyms in Phuket and don’t be surprised to see a UFC star (or two), as the top fighters regularly train in Phuket. Enjoy the pre-fight ritual of Wai Kru, which is a dance and series of movements to pay respect to their teacher and the art of Muay Thai. This brutal combat sport uses eight points for attack; hands, elbows, knees, and feet.

3. Enjoy top cabaret shows –

The Thais know how to put on a terrific performance and your hotel receptionist can furnish you with information on theatres and shows. Some ladyboys are stunning and they look as female as can be! The Simon Cabaret Show is probably the best venue, which is located in Patong.  Major hotels have live singers performing in the lounge during the evenings, indeed, the nightlife is second to none in Bangna Road. Thailand would have at least one entry in the top 10 beaches in the world.

4. Explore Phang Nga Bay –

You can explore the caves at night on a guided kayak tour, which is an amazing experience and one you should not miss! You can charter a yacht for 24 hours and live like billionaires for a day, with the stunning Andaman Sea as your backdrop. If you are into snorkelling, you will love observing the diverse marine life and maybe even see a dolphin or whale shark!

Check out the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s website on Phuket and see some of the other places worth checking out.


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