4 Tips To Make Your Staircase Look Amazing

The majority of us spend plenty of time traversing the stairs of our homes, yet so few people use this as a design opportunity. Most people will leave their staircase completely bare bones, but there are actually a few great ways to make your staircase absolutely shine. Rather than letting it be the empty place that you continuously usher guests through, you can make a few quick changes that will help spruce up your staircase in no time at all.

Tips To Make Your Staircase

Keep It Vacuumed and Tidy

Vacuuming your stairs regularly is absolutely crucial for helping them to look nice and remain nice. Since this is a high traffic area, it takes a lot of damage. There is more room for things to be dropped on it, for dust to accumulate, and for general maintenance issues to arise. Instead of just leaving this out of your cleaning routine, add it to your regular schedule. Keeping your staircase vacuumed and shined is an excellent way to make your home look nothing short of amazing.

Paint the Baseboards

Stairs take a pretty hefty beating when it comes to using. The majority of us are not exactly delicate while navigating the stairs and this is even truer when it comes to children and pets. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the baseboards surrounding our stairs are known for getting continuous chips and scuffs. Instead of letting these just build-up, take a quick paintbrush to your baseboards and watch how your staircase begins to look brand new.

Add A Stair Runner

A nice runner on your staircase can make your staircase look absolutely amazing. You can choose something neutral or go for a bold look. No matter what, it instantly dresses up your staircase and makes it look absolutely great. You will love the way that this can dramatically improve the look of your stairs, and it also does a great job of protecting the floor or carpet underneath.

Grab Yourself A Staircase Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are known to dress up just about any area, but they can be pretty relaxed too. You will be amazed by all of the different styles these chandeliers come in. Finding the right one to match your design aesthetic is easy, and you won’t believe how much it lightens up just about any area. Add one of these bad boys to immediately give your staircase a glow-up!


Stairs are the forgotten child of the home, and we think they are just as worthy of a great design as any other part of the house. By taking your staircase and dressing it up, you will take it from being the one drab part of your home to something that is nothing short of amazing. Find the right design tips that work for you, and you might just enjoy taking the stairs a little bit more!

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