5 Ways Your Company Can Help Charities

As a business owner, your main priorities are going to be making profits, looking after your employees, and making sure your customers are kept happy. These are all important areas to focus your attention on, but if you wanted your company to do something more for your local community and the people beyond it, perhaps you should consider what you can do to support a charity organization. Not only is this a great thing for businesses to do, but it’s an opportunity to use your platform to raise awareness about certain issues and an opportunity to improve your business reputation. Here are five ways your company can raise money for charities.

Company Can Help Charities

1. Holiday Donations

The holiday season is a happy time of year, but it can be one of the hardest for a lot of people. Instead of the usual Secret Santa routine this year, consider encouraging your staff to donate for the holiday season instead. Alternatively, you could set up a collection box in the office during the festive season for people to make donations throughout December.

2. Department Competitions

If you want to find fun and creative ways to raise money for charity at work, making each department or individual employees compete with each other could be a good idea. The winner is the team that manages to raise the most money for your chosen charity, and you can reward their efforts with gift vouchers or a hamper full of treats they can share. This could also be a great team-building exercise too.

3. Raise Awareness via Your Platforms

Using your platforms such as your company website or social media accounts to raise awareness about your chosen charity is another thing you could do. Write a blog post or have a dedicated page on your website explaining what the charity does and why your company supports it. You could even look at ways you can hold events to raise awareness, too, or take the opportunity to speak about it where you can, provided it’s appropriate.

4. Have Volunteer Days

Once or twice a year, arrange for your employees to take a day off that’s dedicated to volunteering some of their time to a charity. Put a sign-up sheet in the office for those who are interested in taking part. You can select a charity for your company to represent, or you can allow your employees to volunteer for a charity that means something to them.

5. Donate a Percentage of Your Profits

Another way to support and raise money for charity is by donating a percentage of your annual profits to an organization. You might decide to choose a different charity each year or continuously support one organization if it means something special to you. Speak to your accountant about how you can make this kind of donation and to advise you on a sensible amount that won’t threaten the future of your business.

If you want your company to make a difference and give back, consider the suggestions above and how you can encourage your employees to get involved and raise awareness.

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