AudFree Spotify Music Converter Available as a Free and Paid Version

Before starting with the details regarding the most comprehensive Mac Audio Converter for all types of Audio, or any other vid converter we will discuss AudFree. It has brought forward the best software that is one solution for all the converters. The Spotify music converter helps you convert different songs, albums, and much more into WAV, FLAC, MP3, and so on.

The Spotify song downloader and converter for Mac:

converting mac

Spotify is a streaming music solution that helps you manage your Spotify tracks with ease on Mac OSX. AudFree has two subscriptions for you one is the premium one, and the other is for free users. You can start with the free subscription and then use the premium subscription. Also, the smart Spotify encoder and downloader enable you to easily listen to any Spotify songs, playlists, albums, and much more. You can listen to your favorite tracks offline through this incredible software. Although, Spotify is famous for listening to mp3 music. You may also check out the Spotify promo ads to get the best promotion for your account. Sometimes, you weren’t able to find your favorite music album or song on Spotify. If you find it difficult then use youtube video to mp3 converter for listing to your favorite music.

You can easily and quickly alter audio parameters with the software:


The songs, or playlists that you download and convert, will remain safe. You can listen to them offline, edit ID3 Tags, and alter audio parameters. The intelligent Mac Spotify converter is the best. With the AudFree software, you will see the difference in services amongst the same service providers.

Alongside this, you have a chance to enjoy Audio DRM Removal and iTunes Audio Converter Mac services on any device. The converter converts all types of audios into high-quality tracks. Mac, iPod, and Audible rely on the services of AudFree to ensure their customers get the best.

Convert Apple Music and iTunes songs:


If you have an authorized device, the software will be fit for your device. It works wonders on approved devices with a limited number. All you need to do is, use the professional Apple Music converter and get going. Here, you can convert the Apple Music and iTunes MP4 songs to standard audio files for regular playback purposes. Along with this, you can store your converted songs in the iTunes library for a lifetime.

Convert Audible and iTunes Audiobooks:

Another well-defined and manageable audio converter is the Audiobook converter. It converts iTunes audiobooks and audible. It is indeed the most powerful converter to date for Mac users. With the help of the Audiobook converter, you can convert iTunes M4B, AAX audiobooks, and M4A audible AA with retaining 100 percent quality. The converter helps you convert files into simpler versions for secure storage. You can listen to your favorite playlists, songs, etc., on any device.

Moving ahead, the out-performing Audio DRM Removal and iTunes Audio Converter Mac allow you to convert the Apple music MP4 songs, M4A, M4B, FLAC, iTunes M4B, M4A books, AAX files to MP3, and other regular formats. The conversion has never been made so easy like AudFree has made it.


Additionally, the speed of converting songs is approximately 30 times faster. The built-in splitter enables you to cut larger files into small clips by fixed time intervals or by chapters. The batch conversion supports more than 100 songs and tracks that you can convert at the same time. The offline feature enables you to listen to music anytime on your iPod, Zune, iPhone, and other authorized devices.

Get ready for a whole new experience with the best converter.

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