Your Newborn baby primary Requirement of Baby Cots

You are going to become a parent and it is up to you to decide what your little one is going to sleep in. Taking into consideration your way of life, family budget and your particular tastes, you will surely try to do your best while choosing this important and paramount baby item whether it is baby cots, baby cribs or hammocks. There are plenty of types to choose from and each one may have a lot of different models. Having flipped through the given information about the advantages of cots, bassinets, cradles, cribs, mosses baskets and travel baby cots you will eventually find a particular one or at least get an idea of what type it should be.

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Moses Baskets

If you want your baby sleeping place to be made from such natural materials as palm, strong maize or wicker a Moses Basket will be just the thing you are looking for. When planning to have more than one child you need to purchase a basket made from wicker. Wicker baskets are the most expensive type of Moses basket but their advantage is their durability, thus this could make your financial position easier when the second baby is born. Also, Moses Baskets are fitted for travelling since they have carry handles to enable you to move baby around with you. So, as you can see where ever you go with your baby he or she will always have a cosy place to sleep in. All Moses baskets generally come with a padded cotton lining and quilt, thin foam mattress and a fabric-covered hood, they also can come with a special stand to be put on but these stands are rarely included in the price and are generally purchased separately.

Baby hammocks

Baby hammocks can offer the best sleep for your baby because they are womb-like beds that can soothe even the most restless baby to sleep. Such baby beds can increase the well being of babies who suffer from acid reflux also it’s a gentle rocking motion so can ease symptoms of colic too.


If you do not consider yourself a great traveller and want your baby to have a bit more sleeping space than a Moses basket can provide, then you should buy a crib or a baby cot, as it will be a perfect environment for your little one to sleep in. Both of these are usually made of wood, with two or more slated sides. But cribs may have one additional nice feature; a smooth side to side rocking action which will soothe baby to sleep.

Cots and cot beds

A cot is by far a more popular purchase nowadays; it is likely to be your baby’s main bed until they are at least two or three years old. Their three-position height adjustable base makes them suitable for each stage of development. Almost all baby cots have a drop side which makes it much easier to lift your baby in and out of the cot. Nowadays there are o lot of cots to choose from, some of them can have teething rails to protect delicate teeth and gums. Some cots come with a built in baby cots top changer. Making an ideal solution by not only space saving but creating a safe and secure environment in your nursery to change your baby you can transform your cot and cot bed quickly and easily into a changing station Some types of baby cots can be a good bargain. They are longer and wider than standard cots and mattresses are not normally included in the price. Such cots are suitable from birth to approx. 6 yrs by converting into elegant junior beds.

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