How You Can Incorporate Solar Power Into Your Farm

The future is heading in a direction of more consideration towards the environment, and to this end, more people are thinking about planting greenery. It’s an important fact to consider that you can make things even greener once you have a farm, and that’s by incorporating solar. Solar power is sustainable and there are a number of ways in which you can add it to your farm. Here are some of the best ways for you to incorporate solar power into your farm, so have a look at them and get some ideas about how you can go about doing so yourself.

Incorporate Solar Power Into Your Farm

For Seed Processing

If you grow seeds on your farm, then there are many ways in which you can use solar power to process them. Keep in mind that four major biotech crops, which are oilseed rape, cotton, soybean, and maize, account for an amazing 99% of the GM crop area around the world. This means that there’s a high chance that you’re growing at least one of these. In that case, then you might need to process them to some extent before using or selling them. This may be turning them into flour or extracting oil and other substances from them. For such activities, you can use the power from solar panels on your farm so that you don’t need a connection to the grid.

As Part of a Greenhouse

Another amazing way in which you can make use of solar panels on your farm is by using them as part of a greenhouse during a remodeling project or fresh construction. This is especially as the roofing of a greenhouse since this makes the most realistic use. While you can also use them as walls, you may not be able to get maximum efficiency out of them. If you use them as the roof cover, you could save money you’d have had to use on a certain roof cover that will provide the same benefits as solar panels, especially in structural terms. Note that agricultural properties in the City of St. Louis are taxed at a rate of 12%. This may differ around the country, so it’s a good idea for you to make savings on your farm wherever you can.

For An Electric Fence

Another way for you to use solar panels on your farm is by setting them up to power something like an electric fence. Depending on the area in which your farm is, you might need to set up an electric fence to deter burglars or even animals that may want to steal your crops and damage them. You can also use solar to power pumps and irrigation systems or even warm chicken coops and other spaces. This will save you a tidy sum over time, since items powered 100% by solar don’t need on-site electricity, according to CNBC. You can get the power you need on your farm in a green way as a result.

To Extend Growing Seasons for Certain Crops

Last but not least, you can use solar to extend the growing seasons for certain crops. These may be crops that need shade to grow and mature, and so you can plant them underneath the solar panels so that they get the shade that they need. In a similar fashion, you can use solar to provide UV light to crops that need UV to mature long after the season has passed and they won’t get as much UV light naturally as they need.

With these methods, you can incorporate solar power into your farm. They can help you maximize your profits by a considerable margin and also keep your operations more sustainable. In the end, this may be the best thing that you do for yourself and the environment.

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