How to Get a Job through an Employment Agency North York

Some people assume that an employment agency North York only provides jobs to people looking for entry-level or temporary jobs. Another assumption people have is that staffing agencies don’t help job seekers to get jobs, and they must pay to land an interview.

This is all false because people get employment at entry or managerial levels and temporary to permanent positions through staffing agencies. It is essential first to learn how an employment agency North York works before committing to work with one when looking for a job.

Employment Agency

1. How Staffing Agencies Work

Companies use staffing agencies to connect them with job seekers. When a company has a vacancy, they send a job description to the employment agency North York. The staffing agency then makes a job advert to advertise for the position and receives applications from job seekers. They go through the applications, and after shortlisting potential employees, they hold interviews to choose the most suitable for the position. After an employee is hired, they get their salary from the agency, but they work for the company that had a vacancy. The employee stops getting paid by the agency if the company hires them permanently. They will now start receiving salaries from the company.

2. Benefits You Will Get When Using A Staffing Agency

a. It Is Free

Job seekers do not pay to use employment agencies North York, yet they benefit by getting to know about vacancies and securing a job. The agencies get paid by the client, who is the company looking for employees.

b. The Employment Agency North York Does The Job Searching For You

The company will ask you to provide your CV when you sign up. They then check your qualifications and will tell you when a position that you are fit for appears. They often get first-hand information from companies when positions come up, making it easy for the job seeker to apply for jobs they are qualified in.

c. They Offer A Variety Of Jobs

Staffing agencies don’t work with only one company. They have a pool of companies, and they might have specialized in three or more fields. This means that you will never fail to get a job that suits you. They also get jobs requiring different levels of job entry and from temporary to permanent positions.

d. They Offer Benefits

When you work for an agency for a certain period, you will get benefits like health insurance or a retirement plan. They treat their employees well, and they are always ready to speak for their employee’s rights in the company they are working for if they are being violated.

e. They Give Feedback

Most jobs do not give feedback on the progressing of the application process after you sent your resume. This is different when you use staffing agencies because they will tell you how the process is going. They also provide you with tips on making your resume more presentable and preparing you for interviews.

Types Of Jobs You Will Get Through A Staffing Agency

It is always false when people think that job agencies North York only provide temporary jobs to people at the entry-level. You can get a job regardless of the employment level you are in and the type of job you are seeking.

a. Temporary Jobs

Some companies work with seasons. When they have a busy period at work, they will need to hire more employees to help. Since they will not have a lot of work for a long time, they hire temporary employees whose contracts end during the busy season. The projects vary with weeks or months.

b. Temp-To-Hire Jobs

When hired for this position, the company is hiring you for trial. They observe you, and if they are happy with your work, they offer you a permanent position. This position is used as an audition for the employee. The employee will get payment from the staffing agency.

c. Permanent Jobs

Companies hire employees for permanent positions at their workplace. The staffing agency will carry on the process of hiring until they get the right candidate. Once employed, this employee belongs to the company and gets paid directly by the company.

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