How to Be a Better Christian: 3 Simple Tips

If you want to build your life on rock, and not on sand, you need a strong set of beliefs to carry you through.

The United States is home to about 167 million Christians today. If you consider yourself a Christian, you know that your work of building your faith is never done.

Deepening your beliefs and practices will improve your life in so many ways. The points below will help you out when you’re learning how to be a better Christian.


1. Pray Every Day

Learn to pray as though your life depends on it.

Prayer is your connection to God. It takes you out of the non-stop buzz of your wandering mind and ego, the guilt and traumas of the past, and the anxieties of the future, and centers you in your belief in a higher power.

Though you’re learning how to be more religious, science has fascinating research about the benefits of prayer. Here are some of the benefits that prayer brings to your life:

  • Strengthens your connection with life and existence
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Helps with your mental focus
  • Builds the bond between your mind, body, and spirit
  • Sets your intentions to help you achieve your goals

Some of the most successful and fulfilled people in the world start and end their days with prayer for these reasons.

2. Study Your Bible

Many of the benefits of religion are outlined within the passages of the bible. Studying scripture every day will reveal all of the promises outlined in God’s word, along with information and anecdotes that will feed your spirit.

Here are some areas of the bible that can help you the most:

  • The book of Proverbs and its many teachings
  • The book of Psalms and its promises and praises
  • Learning the Lord’s Prayers
  • Original story of creation
  • Key characters like Job, David, Moses, and Samson

Figure out which biblical translation you’d like to follow, or try out a few different ones.

3. Find the Best Church for You

You’ll quickly find that there are several different types of Christianity. This naturally means that there are several church denominations and options you’ll want to explore when finding a church home.

Going to church solidifies the teachings of God and helps you build a sense of community. Look into the programs that the church offers, and learn about the pastor’s philosophy and background.

Visit a site like to learn more about the different programs and ministries they tend to have.

Once you’ve found a church home, find ways to get involved and give back. In addition to staying faithful with attendance, join ministries and volunteer your time and effort.

Learn How to Be a Better Christian

Learning how to be a better Christian is a lifelong process. The bible says that faith without works is dead, so apply these tips to your life so that it can flourish and blossom through every stage.

Rely on us for more information to help your faith and well-being.

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