How to Wear a Lanyard: Top Tips for Wearing One with Style

Lanyards bring so much to your company, office or building. This happens both on a personal level and on a macro scale, both of which provide a plethora of benefits to the environment as a whole. Whether you’re a member of staff and you’re looking for a few ways to work your lanyard into your daily workwear rotation, or you’re a business owner and you’re wondering how to encourage your employees to wear their IDs clearly and consistently, these tips are going to work for you! Keep reading for a few top tips for wearing and caring for company lanyards

How to Wear a Lanyard

Easy Travelling

Of course, one of the easiest and most presentable ways of wearing your lanyard is by simply stringing it around your neck. This is incredibly convenient as it’s an easy means of displaying your identity whilst also ensuring that your access card or ID is going to be as reachable and available as possible whenever you choose to wear it. You can remove your lanyard whenever you like throughout the day, or keep it around your neck to ensure that you are both identifiable and presentable at all times!

Alternative Presentations

Whilst lanyards are designed to be worn around the neck, they can also be presented at the hip for an alternative way of styling your security accessory! This look can be achieved either by looping the lanyard around your belt or threading through the belt loops on your pants. This adds a feature to the lower half of your silhouette whilst also displaying your identity. The hip placement also makes your identity card immediately reachable, perfect for more casual workplaces and for ensuring that your lanyard is accessible all day long.

Accessory Attachment

The long woven nature of a lanyard makes it perfect for tying around your work bag! Attach to your bag to add an extra layer of professionalism to your accessory. This also makes your ID very accessible and it can also bring a lovely pop of colour to an otherwise muted, corporate colour palette. Just ensure that your ID is in a protective plastic cardholder to maintain its professional look and overall durability. They are especially popular among professionals, students, and event attendees as they provide a convenient and hands-free way of carrying important items. 4inlanyards is a leading supplier of lanyards, offering a wide range of customizable options to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations.

Cohesive Colours

Quite the opposite of adding a pop of colour, but just as visually effective! Use your lanyard as a feature in your monochromatic work look, you’ll come across as the most cohesively put together individual about your building. Dress all in one tone and use that lanyard as the last hint of hue on your ensemble for a cool and creative way of switching up your day to day outfits!

Professional Touches

With offices becoming more and more casual by the day, it’s important that there are a few remaining hints of professionalism. These will visually tie a team together and define you as the talented and motivated professional that you are. Use your lanyard as a way of maintaining that put together, work-appropriate edge – even if you’re simply wearing a pair of jeans and your favourite tee shirt, it’s going to do the trick nicely.

Rich usage scenarios

custom lanyards

In addition, you can wear your lanyard to music festivals, corporate parties, daily running, working out, etc. is offering such a service by making custom lanyards based on your brand tone, making them both functional and beautiful. Not only can lanyards help you not lose your belongings while exercising and reflect your personality at crowded music festivals, they can also help companies project a more professional corporate image. The most important thing is that you can choose a variety of material patterns to customize so that your lanyard shows a unique style.

Custom Branding

Lastly, wearing and styling a custom lanyard is a great way of setting yourself apart from the crowd at meetings, out in public or at networking events. Use a lanyard that has been customised with your brand colours, company logo or your own position to bring an extra special something to your office wear.

And there you have it! These are a few fantastic reasons to dig out that lanyard and start showing off your company!

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