Learn the top 5 SEO techniques

Have you seen e-marketers quoting six-figure numbers regarding the number of visitors they have on their websites daily? Ever wonder how they achieve such numbers that seem so out of reach for you? The answer lies in SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Websites like Traffic Tsunami specialize in helping you grow your SEO skills by showing you how to do the following

top 5 SEO techniques of 2019

Get Quality Links by Linking to Authority Sites

The pages you link to must be not only relevant to your topic they should be helpful resources. That gives your site credibility and makes you a resource as well for your users. You should link out to three relevant and high-quality pages in every article you write. Also, according to digital marketing company Australia, include some internal links to some of your excellent content.

Optimize content for semantic SEO

This allows Google to understand the topic of your content as opposed to only focusing on the target keyword. To feature on Google’s semantic search begin by optimizing the keyword as usual. Then optimize subtopics related to the target keyword. Search engines will be able to recognize what the topic of your article is about once you do that.

Publish articles with at least 2000 words

Long-form content performs better than its short-form counterpart on search engines. Now, most people are afraid that longer content isn’t compatible with mobile devices, but that is an unfounded fear. Such content also performs well in mobile searches. Long posts tell Google that you have in-depth information to share with your audience giving you more leverage with the search engines.

Have long tail keywords in the title

That is not encouraging you to keyword stuff instead embed the long tail keyword naturally. Do not place only the target keyword because they limit your searchability. With long-tail keywords, you will attract search engine traffic quicker, and the result is that the page will rank for more than just the target keyword.

Also, ensure that you add modifiers to the long tail version of your keyword. These include terms like reviews, 2019, guide, and best among others.

Create your original keywords

Over-reliance on platforms that provide keywords has killed creativity. Being creative enough to come up with your unique keywords means you are the only one optimizing that term giving you a monopoly. If the product or brand you are optimizing for becomes popular, you will find your content ranking highly because your keyword has a high volume.

Next time you have created a course, technique or product give it a unique name so that you can use the specific name to create a unique keyword.


SEO can be challenging, but it is also a fun process to get your content visible to the right audience. Learn SEO with more tutorials and learning resources on Tsunami Traffic.

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