Common awards for lawyers and their firms

Awards are an important part of any law firm, mainly because it helps clarify to current and potential clients just what they can expect out of the services provided. In order to help navigate awards pages, we are providing examples of common awards that lawyers and their law firms receive.

Common awards for lawyers and their firms

Common awards for lawyers and their law firms

There are various approaches that a law firm can take as far as awards go. For example, an award on a law firm’s website may be actively pursued by the law firm in order to expand their reach. For example, a law firm may work with organizations such as SuperLawyers, Best Lawyers, and the Avvo Rating. These organizations vary in terms of their advantages and disadvantages and have costs associated with their services. For instance, Best Lawyers is an excellent combination of value and cost, ensuring that a lawyer’s law firm can be linked on this group’s website. Meanwhile, the Avvo Rating is a rating of various details regarding the law firm, accounting for information on the attorney’s website, as well as information from the state bar association (and any other relevant organizations).

On the other hand, the American Bar Association (ABA) confers a number of different types of awards, offered by different divisions.

Law Practice Division

  • Samuel L. Smith Award — The most prestigious honor you could receive from this division, awarded for outstanding lifetime achievement in law practice management
  • Martha Fay Africa Golden Hammer — Awarded for the promotion of diversity in law and the ABA in particular
  • James I. Keane Award — A recognition of innovations in legal services over the Internet, as well as innovations for the delivery of personal legal services

Criminal Justice

  • Livingston Hall Juvenile Justice Award — Awarded to members of the bar whose legal practice is significantly focused on people who are underage.
  • Charles R. English Award — Awarded to judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and academics alike for accomplishments in the field of criminal justice
  • Norm Maleng Minister of Justice Award — This award goes to prosecutors who stand out as principled advocate of ABA standards for the field of criminal justice. Namely, focusing on obtaining justice rather than obtaining convictions
  • Raeder-Taslitz Award — This award is reserved to law professors who promote public understanding of criminal justice, as well as the principles of justice and fairness in the criminal justice system
  • Frank Carrington Crime Victim Attorney Award — This is provided for attorneys and legal service providers in response to direct representation of certain victims, as well as people who advocate for improved treatment of victims of crime in the criminal justice system

State & Local Government

  • Elizabeth Clark Young Lawyers Fellowship — Awarded to young lawyers who show great promise in their practice of public law from the efforts and accomplishments they fulfilled
  • Jefferson B. Fordham Awards — As the name implies, this encompasses multiple awards. The first is for Lifetime Achievement, to demonstrate their achievements over the span of their career. The Advocacy award demonstrates incredible work in legal advocacy for both state and local government law. Next, the Up & Comers award goes to younger members of the legal profession who demonstrate great promise. Finally, the Law Office Accomplishment award is given to law offices who show either extended, quality performance or a specific accomplishment by a law office, whether state or local

Senior Lawyers Division

  • John H. Pickering Achievement Award — A recognition of brilliance in the legal profession, as well as dedication to advocacy to clients’ interests. This ranges from pro bono services, equal justice, and strong ethical standards
  • Robert W. Meserve Award — An award given to senior lawyers. Represents the significant range of experience, achievements, and professional vision

A lot of hard work goes a long way

The award winning team at Gladiator Law Marketing have many principles, and one of those is the value of hard work. If you put in the effort and work with the right people, the quality work you put out will be reflected by the recognition by others within your field. So be sure that you keep on the right path, so you can have many an award attached to your law firm.

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