What are types and advantages of paper bags?

A paper bag is usually made by cutting local trees and requires no raw material. The paper that is specifically used is known as Kraft paper. There are various use cases for paper bags, and they can be used for packaging groceries, consumer goods, books, electronics, or even fresh foods. Paper bags are really easy to carry around as well.

paper bags

Paper Bags types

Paper bags come in different sizes and shapes, depending upon the requirements of the individuals. However, there are two types of paper bags mostly used. These are Brown paper bags and White paper bags. Below, you will learn more about them.

Brown paper bags:

These are more frequently used in the markets. Brown paper bags are mostly used to carry around the grocery and fruits; even in most fast-food delivery cases, you will receive brown paper bags.

White Paper Bag:

These types of bags are used mainly by clothing or some big brands. As they have white, most brands use them to establish their company logo to grow their business. You would have seen famous clothing brands now only use paper bags for customers with their logo. Companies like clothing, books, or even boutiques use white paper bags to show off their company logo. It has been seen people also like to use paper bags, as they are fashionable and can hold more things as compared to plastic bags.

Size of paper Bags:

There are several sizes of paper bags, all of them manufactured for unique purposes. Lunch and grocery bags are usually small, and their capacity to carry weight is also low. While heavy paper bags are used for the merchandise, they are generally large and can sustain colossal weight.

Advantages of using Paper bags

Paper bags are Biodegradable and Recyclable.

One of the most important advantages of utilizing paper bags is that they are biodegradable, meaning bacteria can decompose them. This proves that paper bags are good for the environment and can also be recycled and reused. The fibers used in paper bags can be reused more than 2 or 3 times.

It has been proven that many paper bags can withstand more weight or pressure than plastic bags. You can add more weight to the paper bag without tearing it apart.

Good for Environment.

Sometimes animals try to eat the plastic bags, resulting in suffocation and even cause death. Through scientific studies, it was noticed that sea animals sometimes try to eat plastic bags, which causes their death. However, with the help of paper bags, we can reduce that risk.

Paper Bags are Economical.

A paper bag can easily be manufactured and is also cheaper than plastic bags. Aside from that, plastic bags are made using raw materials, which we have to import from other countries. While paper bags can be made by cutting down the local trees, this reduces the cost of making the paper bags and is also environmentally friendly. Moreover, paper bags can also be made at home using simple methods.

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