5 Ways to Brighten Up your Home

Let’s face it, life can be more than a little stressful and your home is the one place where you can really relax. After a hard day at the office, it is comforting to return to your very own living space, and if your home feels a bit stagnant, here are a few cool ideas to brighten up your interior.

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1. Wall art –

How about a few Palm Springs prints in the lounge? Check out the stunning prints that can be found with the online supplier and brighten up your home with some rich wall art. You might prefer some abstract art, or a few oil landscapes in thick gold frames, whatever your preference in wall art, adorning your home with art will add tranquility to the home.

2. Indoor plants –

Check out the stunning range of tropical indoor plants that you can add for a natural ambiance; there is something about nature that relaxes all of us. You could have creeping vines and train them to climb a nice timber trellis, which is like bringing the garden into the home.

3. Hanging art –

Suspending paper art from the ceiling is a novel way to add character to a room; origami is ideal for this, which can be found online. A few mobiles would certainly make a difference and some rich color is always welcome. Spend a couple of hours surfing the web for some art inspiration and you’ll probably find something suitable. Click here for information about fibreglass insulation, which does save energy.

4. Add a few genuine antiques –

It is very trendy to mix the old and new and there are many ways you can do that; a couple of Victorian wall lamps or a grandfather clock in the hallway would certainly change the ambiance.

5. Change the lighting –

LED solutions are a game-changer and with so many different styles, you can transform your interior. Floor level lighting really does make a difference and your local electrician can make short work of installing light fittings; LED strip lighting can be placed under window sills, or along the side of the wall at floor level.

There are so many ways that you can change the appearance of your home and we hope that the above ideas spark your interest and you find a winning formula. If money is no object, you could enlist the help of an interior designer who is more than capable of taking your concept and turning it into reality.


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