Bought a new home? 6 essential appliances to install

If you’re moving into a new home and are about to invest in some new appliances, here’s a look at 6 of the most essential smart devices to save you time and help you organize your household chores efficiently.

Bought a new home

Smart fridge/freezer

A smart fridge-freezer will keep your food fresh and safe. Connected to the internet via your home wi-fi network,  it enables remote temperature management and also lets you monitor your fridge’s contents via an internal camera. It even lets you know when you’re running low on certain food items, so you can re-stock on your way home from work!

Automated Home Security

The last thing you need when you move into a new home is to feel unsafe. Of course, you’ll change the locks, but if you’re considering installing an alarm system, it’s worthwhile investing in one that’s monitored. With the emergency services stretched to the limit these days, it’s good to know that your security company purpose would respond immediately to inform you of any potential invasion and to ensure you and your family are safe.


Getting your laundry organized is one of the first things you’ll need to do in your new home. Install a  smart front loading washer/ dryer, so you’ll be able to select the program you want, schedule it to be finished when you’re ready to unload, and monitor progress from your phone Some models even let you know when you’re running low on detergent so you re-stock in time!


With our busy lives, who has time to wash sinks full of dirty dishes? Even a basic model is a great time saver and can be considered as a kitchen essential, but new, wi-fi connected smart models can be remotely voice-activated, washing cycles can start when you need them too, and you can even activate the door lock remotely to make the appliance kid-proof!


The advantage of installing a smart TV system is the access you’ll gain to channels that provide TV content, movies, and music without a cable/satellite subscription. It will enable web browsing, gaming, and access to compatible files stored on your computer or mobile device, so they can be viewed on a large screen,  which is more convenient and comfortable.

Canine GPS

This may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re moving into a new home. But think about it – if you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood and your dog wandered away, would you rest until he or she was home again? Invest in a wi-fi-enabled dog collar, that will notify you if your pet has left the property, and use GPS  to help you find the exact location so he or she can be picked up and brought back to safety. You can even have the collar take some photos of your pet’s odysseys and post them on social media!  The collar will also track your pet’s daily activity levels so that you’ll know if you need to step out a little more often to keep them in the best shape!

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