Simple Airline Travel Hacks to Make Your Trips Go Smoother

Taking a trip by plane can be an exciting experience but that’s not to say it doesn’t also sometimes come with its fair share of hassles. From navigating your way through busy airport terminals to dealing with long queues or enduring cramped aircraft seating, the process often can feel somewhat arduous.

Airline Travel Hacks

The Age of Cheaper-Than-Ever Air Travel

Budget airlines have enjoyed exponential growth in recent years, offering cheaper-than-ever air travel and opening up a world of opportunities to even the most budget-conscious of travelers. However, detractors argue that many of today’s airline firms seem more concerned with filling seats than with delivering a satisfying, enjoyable experience to the air transport industry customers.

A List of Airport/Airline Hacks That Could Improve Your Journey

While all airlines are different and each takes a different approach to their customers, there’s little denying that air travel has changed massively in recent years, often to the apparent detriment of the customer experience. However, by following the simple tips below, you could save yourself considerable time and money and have the most hassle-free trip possible:

Roll your clothes when packing: The first tip comes for when you’re packing before you’ve even left the house. When packing your clothing, try rolling clothes instead of folding them. This technique doesn’t just save space, it also helps reduce creasing.

Be sure to pack devices at the top of your hand luggage: Another tip for while you’re packing before you leave. When packing your hand luggage, be sure to put devices at the top of your bag or in a similarly easy-access location to save hunting around at the security check.

Always check-in online: Many of the budget airlines now levy a surcharge for airport check-ins so be sure to use the online check-in rather than taking the risk.

Know the rules: You should be familiar with the rules of what you can and can’t take onboard a flight – particularly when it comes to hand luggage. Airports and airlines globally often differ but there are some base rules you should ensure you follow to save problems with security.

Empty your pockets: Before going through the body scanner, be sure to empty your pockets of coins and other metal items (also remove any items that might have metal in them e.g. belts).

Have a paper printout copy of important documents: In case the battery on your electronic device fails, it’s a good idea to also have a paper copy of tickets and any other important documents.

Don’t rush the gate: Most airlines these days are very keen to get passengers boarded as soon as possible, but rushing the gate and standing in line won’t make your plane leave any earlier. Instead of queueing for ages, use the time more productively.

Customize your luggage: There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination airport and going to the carousel only to find your bag looks identical to so many others. Instead, find a way to customize your bag (with a sticker, ribbon, tape, etc.) to help it stand out on the conveyor belt.

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