How Rural Car Accidents Differ from Urban Accidents

High Risk for Car Accidents on Rural Roads

A car accident is an unfortunate and frightening experience, whether in a large city, on a rural road, or on a busy highway. A car accident can be the fault of everyone involved, one person or a company.

The point is that most accidents happen because one or more drivers are not paying attention or are displaying reckless driving habits. Causing a car accident is caused by the negligent behavior of one or more drivers. However, areas such as rural areas, major highways, and heavily populated cities carry different risks.

How Rural Car Accidents Differ from Urban Accidents

Rural Car Accidents versus Urban Crashes

Research shows that more accidents occur in rural areas than other heavily populated areas. This same research shows that there are also more fatalities from car accidents in rural settings. While the most common causes of rural accidents can be present in other locations, these causes are more prevalent on rural roads.

  • Speeding is usually due to the absence of other drivers. Speeders believe that they can drive over the speed limit of the usual 55 miles per hour posted, usually on two-lane roads.
  • Rural roads present many unpaved roads, hills where the driver cannot see clearly if another driver is coming in the opposite direction, and curvy, winding roads offering little to no visibility for approaching vehicles.
  • Alcohol use presents a concern for those who live and drive in rural settings because some drivers believe that alcohol presents no problem for other drivers because there are so few other cars on the road.
  • Rural areas have no enforcement patrol seen, and drivers think they can get away without wearing their seat belts out on country roads. Add speed to alcohol consumption, and this is a formula for a car accident, disaster, or fatality.

We are relating what accident reports say and the number of fatalities that occur on rural roads. For instance, one report showed that 71 percent of car accident fatalities occurred on rural roads due to drivers driving access to posted speed limits.

A seasoned negligent accident/injury/death attorney must be aggressive because they need to go against other lawyers and insurance companies who would rather pay you nothing in compensation for the wrong their client did.

We Fight Hard and Relentlessly for Your Victim Rights

If you are a resident in Whitesburg, Kentucky, or surrounding areas and become hurt in a rural car accident, give us a call as soon as possible. If you are the family member of someone killed in a rural car accident, we want to hear from you as quickly as possible.

Never think that you cannot call an attorney to fight for your victim’s rights because you have no money. Our first consultation is free with no obligation. We want to hear what you have to say, and we want to help you recoup your losses in the past, present, and future due to the negligent actions of another person.

A fair settlement takes the expertise of a seasoned attorney. Never consider fighting the judicial system on your own. You will not win a settlement case when you represent yourself in a court of law or if the other driver settles outside of court. We will not take your case if we do not think we can win a fair settlement for you. We collect our payment for services when you win your case.

Our attorneys are well-versed in negligent accidents and death by another person. Our expertise is found in the following cases.

  • Car accidents in rural areas
  • Car accidents in many other locations
  • Truck accidents
  •  Slip and fall accidents
  •  Bicycle and motorcycle accidents
  •  Catastrophic injuries
  •  Personal injuries
  •  Burns
  •  Workplace accidents
  •  Product liability accidents
  •  Wrongful death accidents

Our seasoned and esteemed team of attorneys cannot help you until you give us a call. Allow us a few minutes of your time to hear your accident story, and we will tell you if we think you have a good case for accident compensation.

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