Yanet Garcia Height, Age, Weight, Instagram, Wiki, and Lesser Known Facts

Yanet Garcia has secured a title for herself and today she is better by the title that is “World’s hottest weather girl”. Yanet came into limelight during the time she was forecasting weathers on the Mexican TV and people from there started liking her. She then embarked on her another excursion and this time, she stepped into modelling world where she was warmly welcomed. Then another journey she recently has started in the acting field and she is working day and night to give the best. With time her popularity is just doubling and she has over 12.5 million followers on Instagram. This shows enough she really is a charming personality.

Yanet Garcia

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Yanet Garcia Height, Age, Weight, Instagram, Wiki, and Lesser Known Facts

Real NameYanet Cristal Garcia
Date of BirthNovember 15, 1990
Age29 Years ( Aug 2020 )
Place of BirthMonterrey, Mexico
ProfessionModeling, Health Coach, Weather Presenter
EducationDegree in Journalism
Known ForWorld's Hottest Weather Girl
Marital StatusUnmarried
Weight55 kg
Social MediaInstagram - @iamyanetgarcia

Yanet Garcia and her popularity

Yanet Garcia into her life has learnt and done lots of work and that weather show made her popularity. That work brought her good numbers of work and with time she has always upgraded herself and she took little steps to cover big steps. At first, she forecasted at the Mexican show then she moved towards modelling and now acting.

Yanet is one of really popular person who is known for her perfect figure and this she has strictly followed her perfect diet and exercise regimen. Those who follow Yanet they know she is truly an inspiration for many girls because of many reasons. She is one of those people who worked day and night for reducing her weight.

Yanet Garcia Instagram

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When she was a teenager she was really very skinny but she worked hard to get a perfect body and bring herself into shape. Meanwhile, she also paid attention to her studies and studied accountability as her career and earned her degree but when she had started forecasting weather. So since then, her social media started improving differently and she had this fan following of 12.5 in very less time.

Recently, in the very same year Yanet has made her debut in the Spanish movie film “Bellezonismo” and in the theatre also. Now Yanet has also launched a few of series on Fitplan and this is all about her fitness secrets. How she has done and made her way through fitness. Yanet is also famous for dedicated, hard-working and a disciplined disciple who has worked day and night to reach this place. On the FitPlan you can learn all the exercises and routine she had followed for such a perfect body. It is hard to believe for anyone that who has so skinny at her teenage is now having a perfect figure. It was only possible by working hard in the right direction and continuously and focused and she did all of them.

Why do fans love Yanet Garcia?

Yanet is also famous for her bold attitude and she was never been afraid of showing her figure and sharing about her diet details. Recently, she has launched a video of herself frolicking in Lacy undies. Also, recently she has posted a very beautiful and eye-catching picture with her lucky boyfriend. When she had posted her picture in bikini her Instagram family had gone wild by seeing her pictures. Her fans love her because of who she is and the way she has carried herself and she truly knows to represent her. Also, she has made her name in the list of bold personalities who is so confident about her body.  On the other hand, she always represents her contents in a different way that is where she wins the heart of her fans. With time, Gracia has always been experimental towards her contents and it also makes her worthy of herself and quite demanding.

Her troubles doubled when her account got hacked

Actually Yanet Garcia is almost of millions of people but her account also got hacked on September 15th, 2019. There her account was claiming to give free iPhone’s to her followers if they click on the link. Also, her account claimed that it will give free access to the ‘sex tape’. After such claims and fee services, her account got flooded with spam comments. Only then she got to know that her account had got hacked. This was her one of the biggest scam and her Instagram stories were also full of weird status.

Rumours about Yanet Garcia

The other rumours about her were that she had had bum implantation although; she refused and said she was not agreed on this note. She said, this bum was not at all artificial but her hard work of the entire eight years and strict routine which she had followed to get it. She stated on the behalf of allegations that:

“Eight years ago I decided to enter a gym because I was very thin and I wanted to find the best version of myself”.

She regularly posts about herself where her followers and fans can get the news about her and also can follow those routines. Although, she is beautifully training her fans on FitPlan and she is very active there and posting everything about exercise and diets which a person should follow while following their figure. When anyone decides about her figure or body both girls and boys they must follow very strict diet plans. Her suggestion is that anyone can have a figure of their mind and heart but they only need some serious dedication and promises towards that. It was her decision and then she was just away from following her heart. Once she decided and when she started following her diet strictly and all the exercises. Everyone can see and witness her success, every eye was on her and she is known today as the sexiest girl across the world.


You can follow her on social media handles and learn all about the health. Or if you want to have all the photos and videos you can stay in touch to have all of them. And if you want to keep all the news record of Yanet Garcia stay with us, we are here to bring all the news about her.

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