Top Tools to Use for Webmasters In 2019

The internet has provided its users with both pros and cons. Along with advantages, the use of the internet has numerous disadvantages as well. One of the biggest problems is getting hit by scams. Do you know that most people get affected by scams because they do not have enough information? A lot of internet users do not know how to differentiate between legitimate and scam websites.  One of the major signs is domain authority. A scam website does not use a domain for a long time. Once people start recognizing the website, they change domains. Thus, if the domain authority of a website is low, it can be said that the reliability level is low as well.

Before you trust a website, it is important to check the domain authority and get a proper confirmation. It is very obvious that even a scam website would claim to be reliable. Using a domain authority checker is one of the best options for this purpose. These tools provide you with the DA score of a website.  Reliable websites usually have a DA score of 70 or more. The range of the DA score is between 0 and 100.

top seo tools for webmasters in 2019

Given below are 5 top domain authority tools you can use.

1. Prepost SEO Bulk Domain Authority Checker

The Prepostseo domain authority checker works well for people who want to check bulk domains at the same time. With this tool, you can check the DA score of up to 50 domains at the same time. One of the key benefits of this tool is the ease of use it offers to the users. The interface is simple and you can use it without any installations. In other words, no support soft wares or libraries have to be installed to use this tool. It is a completely free online tool. Users can also add a maximum of 100 domains at the same time and check the scores of each one of them at the same time.

  • The Prepost SEO domain authority checker also provides users with the page rank of a website.
  • Another key detail you can check through this tool is the number of pages indexed and stored in the Google database. This is an important detail for most website owners.

2. Small SEO Checker

The domain authority checker by small SEO is a good tool but does not allow the user to check multiple domains at the same time. Although you can check the maximum of 50 domains each link has to be added individually. This obviously increases the time consumption. Along with domain authority, this tool provides users with the page rank of the website.

3. Social Review Tools

The domain authority checker by social review is a good option to consider. It is quick but you can only check the authority of one domain at a time and the option to add multiple domains simultaneously is not there. To proceed with the domain authority checking process, the user has to enter a CAPTCHA every time. The best way to avoid this step is by registering as a free user. Once you log in and execute the domain authority processes, you would not be required to enter the CAPTCHA. Along with domain authority, this tool provides you with page rank, website age, and other details.

4. Robin Gupta SEO Tools

The Bulk domain authority checker is a hassle-free tool for checking multiple domains at the same time. There are no banners or advertisements that can cause irritation for the user. The user can check the domain authority of a maximum of 50 domains at the same time. Along with that, the page rank and IP address of all websites is determined as well.

  • This tool has an easy to user interface and users do not have to go through any unnecessary steps. The domain authority and other details are generated in a quick time which makes it a fast option.

5. Website Authority Checker

As the name suggests, this tool has been designed to check the authority of multiple domains at the same time. A user can check a maximum of 10 domains concurrently. Along with that, the results are extracted in excel form and the sheet can be downloaded.

  • Apart from knowing about the domain authority, this tool tells you about the page rank.

Several tools are present on the internet to check the domain authority of a website but a major percentage is not dependable. Using these tools is nothing but taking chances. Thus, it is important to check the reputation of a tool before you use it. Some tools are flooded with banners, advertisements and pop ups. These tools are unreliable and cause severe frustration for the user. By checking the reviews of a tool on the internet, you can get a neutral status of how good or bad it is.


There is no scarcity of scams on the internet and one of the best ways to avoid it is checking the domain authority. With domain authority, you can get a clear idea of how reliable a website is. New websites usually do not have a high DA score as they take time to build a reputation. On the other hand, websites with a high DA score are counted as highly reliable. This is because these websites get a high DA score after using a domain for a long time so the chances of a scam do not exist.

Using the correct tool for checking domain authority is the key. Users should remember that every tool available on the internet is not dependable. An unreliable tool may not provide you with the correct domain authority details. To get proper authentic information related to domain authority, you should use tools that are completely dependable.

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