Top 5 Things To Do When in Key West

One of USA’s prime locations, and home to rich American culture, Key West is not a sight to miss by any native or tourist alike. For many, this situation in Florida is thought of as a place confined to water activities, but it is much more than that.

You can have the most fun time of your life, considering the adventures it packs. Not a dull a day in this land of sightseeing opportunities. Take your family or friends; there are fun activities for every age and mind, including historical and educational sites, parks, museums, All in fishing charters, fun with dolphins, and much more. So why wait? Let’s go on a virtual tour stated down below:

Things To Do When in Key WestDolphin Exchanges

Who doesn’t love the sight of the most beautiful marine animal, Dolphins, on a summer vacation trip? Not us! So if you like them too, you will have a great deal of fun on the Wild about Dolphins tour in the east of Key West, Key West Harbour Marine. There you can interact with the dolphins and other marine life with the help of the boat Captain. You can also try swimming and snorkeling with the mesmerizing marine life in the waters.

Historic Sightseeing

If we talk about the density of historical sites in Key West, just this blog won’t be enough. But we will try to cover up as many amazing sites as possible. First is the Ernest Hemingway Home. The house is a unique mansion with artifacts displayed of the residents Hemmingway and his wife, Pauline. There you can see exotic décor items consisting of animal skins and European antics and rare objects. It is also the history of Hemmingway’s six-toed cat generation and his whimsical collection of books that he wrote.

The next one is Harry S. Truman Little White House. It was built in 1890 as the headquarters of the naval station in the Spanish-American War. And after it served its purpose to wars, it became the winter house of President Harry S. Truman. Other historical sights you can find in Key West FL are Curry Mansion, Historic Seaport at Key West Bight, Pepe’s, Key West Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarter, and more.

Water Tours

The most prevalent and enjoyable things to do in Key West consist of waters. There are fishing charters in many areas and reliable captains and crews to provide you a hand in fishing and sailing while you sit back and have fun. Make sure to book the best of the best charters that have a fantastic crew, an example being FKF fishing charters. The next thing to do is snorkeling in the land of Key West, and the best areas are Lazy Dog Adventures and Dry Tortugas National Park, where you can even ride a seaplane to view the magnificent land from above.

Cultural Parks Exploration

There is a serene side to Key West, consisting of many of the world’s beauty and peace. These are the recreational parks and conservatories. You can go on a tour to Duval Street where there is a Butterfly and Nature Conservancy where you can find 60 rare species of Butterfly and 20 of Birds. The area is the most colorful and peaceful of all Key West. Then there is the Key West Garden Club that situates some of the finest tropical plants and trees kept in good condition by volunteers. The garden is free to visit and hold wedding ceremonies.


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